Cerridwen’s Dragon Cauldron of Passion

Cerridwen’s Dragon Cauldron of Passion

In Priestess Eréndira’s latest article on her journey into the wisdom of the Dragons, she describes her beautiful experience with Dragon Obsidian and how this brought her even closer to the dragons and Cerridwen through art and ceremony.


During my training in the first Cerridwen Spiral when we reached the point where the passion of Cerridwen Cariad (the loving phase of the Goddess) enters, something came to me with great force and passion.

The power of fire that we were experiencing at that time brought me closer to discovering dragons and I had never experienced such immense forces before.

In my transit around the wheel of the year hand in hand with Cerridwen, I never thought that I would find freedom, tranquillity and patience in the element of fire,  since in my previous experiences  of the wheel I could not find a balance when the element of fire entered, but Cerridwen led me to discover myself in this phase with a wonderful gift – dragons and their strength.

When we go through training like this with such a wonderful Goddess and with the knowledge that She gives us of our very being and of everything that surrounds us, our being is filled with many beautiful things but above all with passion, and we share that passion with our sisters and brothers from Cerridwen, in every Dark Moon Ritual, and in every meeting we have  – it is beautiful to find our passion in the hearts of other people with whom we walk this world of discovery of the Dark Mother.

Cerridwen connects our hearts with that passion which only those of us who love the Goddess can feel, with whom we share the joy of being chosen to manifest the Goddess at this moment through Her name, Her  plants, Her minerals and all the healing that She gives us, because when we discover Cerridwen in our being and we heal ourselves, we also heal everything that surrounds us – this love reaches those who are close to us.

All this inexplicable passion led me to meet some allies who  showed me how everything made sense and made me question a lot about everything I was feeling at that moment when Cerridwen Cariad was present . The dragons are primal forces that are so subtle and so powerful that they are rarely shown but when they are shown they transform us through love and passion.

When they were introduced I wanted to share all that excitement with my sisters in Cerridwen and I was very excited for several months, planning my trip to Wales and sharing this great gift with my sisters and priestesses.

One of the practices that I was doing was to understand and have the strength of the dragons through the minerals of  Cerridwen’s Wheel and some minerals that I already knew from before; for a long time I have dedicated myself as a good witch to explore the mineral kingdom .

These practices led me to discover the dragons in a mineral that I usually work with, which is native to Mexico and is called Dragon Obsidian.

I had always been very respectful of working with Dragon Obsidian and despite the fact that in Mexico we have many types of obsidian and they are easy to get, the dragon called me a lot but I had no practice with it. However one day in  meditation and journeying, part of my daily practice with Cerridwen, a dragon appeared to me in one of my Dragon Obsidians. I felt their force and received their messages. I felt  confident to approach them and to learn more about them. I asked this dragon its name and it answered me, I asked him why he had shown himself and he answered me. He taught me a way to be in communication with them through those beautiful Dragon Obsidians and I wanted to share this beautiful process with my sisters and priestesses in our initiation.

In those months I began to receive messages from the elemental dragons.  Each one was arriving at certain moments in my meditations and journeyings, each one with a message from their element, a message that made me trust in approaching them. When they approached I saw only their eyes – sometimes only one – but it was the most luminous thing I saw and in those eyes I found great love and great empowerment. Every time one arrived I would paint it and write their message and that helped me bring  to my sisters in Cerridwen the experience that had been presented to me.

For several months I was preparing a gift for my sisters – a bag with the images of the dragons who arrived, their messages and a Dragon Obsidian.

Connecting with my priestess sisters at Lake Bala
Connecting with my priestess sisters at Lake Bala

No one but my sisters from Cerridwen, my coven, could feel the same passion for dragons and the mineral kingdom.That night in a beautiful cabin where we traveled for our initiation, with Bala Lake on one side, surrounded by beautiful trees, my sisters and I had a ceremony in which we each met our guardian dragon, in which we shared great love with our Dark Mother Cerridwen.

I feel very lucky and very blessed with everything that Cerridwen has given me, my sisters, my coven and the messages She sends me because everything starts from Her cauldron and returns to Her cauldron.

Blessed be.

Eréndira de Rincón


Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.

Website: ereshkigaleren.com


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