Oracle Cards

My name is Lucia Roberts and I have created a new deck of beautiful and magical oracle cards with Kate Osborne. The cards are part of the Cerridwen Rose Healing® ~ a new energy healing modality that takes you on an inner journey of discovery, with rose oracle cards and poetry through the chakras to meet a Sisterhood of Roses.
During my Priestess Training with Bee Helygen and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in 2022, I began to feel a deeper connection with roses and their healing energy, and soon dreams and meditations followed ~
The rose cards are part of the healing, but they can also be used at home as altar cards and for self development, inner journeys and meditation, by tuning into the rose energies that you would experience in the healing session.

If you would like to find out more, you can conta

ct me on Instagram at @cerridwenrosehealing, with love, Lucia xxx

Lucia Roberts