Work Prayer from Cerridwen

Work Prayer from Cerridwen

Cerridwen gifted me the words of this prayer at a time when I was struggling in my workplace. The details are irrelevant here, let’s simply say that I was having a difficult time and called out to Cerridwen for help. This was Her answer. 

I went on to use this prayer every morning as part of my daily devotions, and still do now and again in my retirement. Cerridwen has told me that now is the time to share this prayer, as there are others who will find it helpful in their times of need. Please take this gift and use it as you need.


Work Prayer

Cerridwen/Goddess bless this work that I do today,

That I may pay my bills

Buy food that supports my health and the Earth,

Clothe my body that you may find me

And walk lightly upon your face

That others may also know your ways of love.


Grant me patience and perseverance when faced with challenges,

Teach me to roll with the punches,

Give me the words that I may be heard,
Provide me the energy that I may get through without exhaustion,

And keep me safe, that I may return to your temple.


Blessed be


Priestess Flora

Flora Anisbury

Hi my name is Flora and I am a Priestess of Cerridwen. I am Grandmother and Creatrix, having retired from working in the NHS a couple of years ago. May I invite you to tootle along to my facebook page – She Who Sits With The Trees, where you will find some regular free features including Monday morning musings, Something for the Weekend – a card reading, and a new feature Midweek review, where I choose a small business or craftsperson and review what they have to offer. And no I don’t get any freebies as a result, this is simply my way of helping the small business community. 

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2 thoughts on “Work Prayer from Cerridwen

  1. Dankje voor dit gebed ik heb hem iets aangepast en geplakt aan dd ladys prayer
    Blessed be

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