Astrology for Litha

Astrology for the period between the Summer Solstice and Lammas.


Welcome to your summer astrology.  This is the time of Cerridwen of water.  I believe the lessons She has for us at this time are flow, rhythm and surrender. Water represents our emotions, and like emotions, there can be plenty of ups and downs. Particularly, if we are tired or stressed or unwell, these can be difficult to cope with.  As humans we are always tempted to fight against whatever is going on.  Cerridwen teaches us to flow with it. The rhythm of the tides are like the rhythms of our lives.  Sometimes we are expanding and sometimes contracting. We make our lives harder when we fight against the tides. And as drops of water merge together, they surrender their separation and become part of a beautiful whole; an ocean or a river or a stream.  Let the Dark Mother of Water teach you how to flow with rhythm and surrender to all that is.

So, on the Summer Solstice, which is the 20th of June, the Sun enters Cancer. This is the sign of the Mother. Cancer rules the womb and also our home and our ancestors; it is where we live and where we come from. We may want to retreat into our shells and just potter round the garden. You may want to cook for your loved ones for cooking is an expression of love. 

On the 22nd of June, there is a Full Moon in Capricorn.  The mountain goat rules our career and our status in the world.  The goat always wants to climb to the top.  This is a good time to manifest progress in your career.

On the 29th of June, Saturn goes retrograde. Saturn can be a hard task master and when it goes retrograde, it can make you learn any lesson that it thinks you haven’t learned properly before. Saturn’s rule is always; you do the work; you get the reward.

On July 2nd, Mercury enters Leo. You can find your thoughts wandering on to ways of having fun. Interacting with children is a good thing to do right now. You will be able to think of lots of fun things to do to keep them entertained. On the same day, Neptune goes retrograde. This would be a good time to start looking at old dreams you have had and working out which dreams you still want to go forward with and which dreams to want to let go of. Be wary of disappearing into your dream world and too much disengaging from the real world.

On July 5th there is a New Moon in Cancer. Set your intention for mothering yourself.  How can you look after yourself better?

On July 11th, Venus enters Leo.  Here Venus puts us centre stage.  How do we love ourselves? And how can we have better relationships with others without hiding ourselves or stepping too far into the ego place. Leo rules children and having fun so this is a great time to express your love for any children in your life.

On July 20th, Mars enters Gemini. Your energy and drive could be channelled into communication. There could be lots of phone calls, texts and messages. Just give yourself some time off occasionally because Gemini energy is very prone to burn out.

On July 21st, we have another Full Moon in Capricorn.  The goat wants another chance to get to the top. As I said before, this is a great time to manifest success in your career but be mindful of trampling others in your rush to the top.

On July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo.  The Sun actually rules Leo so this is your time to shine. A great time to put yourself out into the world and show people what you can do, you will have an appreciative audience.

On July 25th, Mercury enters Virgo.  This is a time when your thoughts turn to getting everything in order.  You may have an urge to tidy and sort things out. This is a very good time for planning all sorts of things because your mind will be focused and your ability to concentrate will be enhanced.

On July 26th, Chiron goes retrograde.  This could mean it is a time for you to go over old wounds. For some this could be triggering but for others this could give you a chance to heal.

Remember the lessons of Cerridwen of Water.  Flow through all, flow with the rhythms and surrender to all that She brings you knowing that it is always for your highest good.

With many blessing,

Janet Parfitt, Priestess of Cerridwen.

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