The Magical Healing of Magic of YOU!

It is time for the winds of change and the wheel of time to cast forward to a new season and move out of the deep hollow burrow of the winter. It is a time to wake up from the slumber we have been cast in and open up to the new home in our hearts to grow and learn from.  Cerridwen is always by our sides guiding us and helping us to embrace our shadow and to grow into the love of who we are.  Moving into the season of Beltane  is the the time not only to reflect on what has been however to plant those seeds for a new journey of YOU to begin. This is the time of the magic, mystery ,healing and create a new expression of a new sparkling you.


Now I understand so many of us are dealing with so much right now… The world is a very interesting place to navigate.  The cauldron of the world womb has been simmering for far too long and is about to boil over. And when it does where are you going to stand in the old poison of what was or taste the magic of a new dream to be.  For we all now can do our part to heal humanity by healing the world with love of the magic we really are. Embrace that. Be that  Own that. And LOVE who you are because of it.


So ask yourself what magic could we truly be if we open to receive a new possibility? For me I have noticed a subtle new flavor in the air.  A different magical energy that is swirling around just waiting for those to notice it.. It is like a magical invitation just waiting for you to reach out and accept.  Cerridwen wishes us all to move into this and to become the ultimate magic we can be.  She is inviting us to wake up and see the world from a different point of view.  To allow yourself move into a new way to function and allowing what that does not serve you to float away. We see the board in front of our face yet don’t take the time to look beyond it. We wish to have a new way to be. However, we are so locked in our own drama we don’t take the time to look and see this magic that is presented everyday in front of us.


Why is society so caught up in a way of being that magic is too far to believe in. We dream of it all the time…What gets me is why is our culture so caught up in a dream of what could be however never can truly believe we can attain in.. So its time to allow yourself to assist yourself to heal in the magic you are.


If there is one thing that I have learned on my journey is magic is in front of us everyday. Think about it we to create a new day every morning when we awake.  So take a moment to ask yourself, What do you wish to create today?  It is time that we look beyond and open up the the magic that surrounds us. Let go of I can’t and live by I can…


So how do you create this world…Well, here are some tips I have learned along the way I like to share with love to you today. I invite you to see if they resonate with you and allow them to take you on a journey of exploration.




  1. Make the commitment to you to wish to see your life in a different way. Gratitude for what is in your world now no matter how uncomfortable it might be.


  1. Take yourself away from the mind set of “I have too and change it to I get too……….. Create excitement with everything you do from the mundane to the fun… YOU are what you feel.


  1. Drop down into you and feel into the energy you wish to be. From that energy will allow the creation of what you bring to you. Heart space is the key


  1. Discern between the emotions in you body.. Example sometimes fear of something is actually excitement… Ask questions when you are feeling something to get to the truth of what is going on.


  1. Always ask who or what energy you are taking on… Did you know that energetically most of the stuff we feel is not even ours… It belongs to someone else or something else… Yes people we walk around acting like other people…


  1. Always send out what you wish to create in the world from the heart with the feeling of what achieving/ receiving this will embody… Once again the heart


  1. Open to receive with no expectation of what shows up.


  1. Allow yourself to start to look at the world around you. Learn to BE in every moment not so caught up in doing… Energy of doing keeps you trapped in a loop of not being. Energy of BEING allows you too open to the energy of life flow…Which in turn you “do” more than you could have ever imagined.


  1. Bring more play, fun, laughter and wonderment into your life… Remember a moment as child being excited about everything. Able to Dream Imagine Create… Not caring what others think just being YOU!


  1. Practice forgiveness of thyself and others. One thing that has always helped me is looking at a person from their wounded part knowing in that moment they were doing the best they could.  Then move past that to the true part of them the LOVE and use that space to forgive.  For everyone on this planet only wishes to be loved.



Just remember always:


Keep in your heart

Embrace the magic of YOU

Don’t limit yourself

Create Yourself-

BE the change in you

Thats all for now

Live as love with grace in your heart,

Much Love,

Rebecka Gregory

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