What people say about the training:

“It is difficult to share in few words the deep healing work that I am experiencing on my first year of training with Cerridwen under the guide of Bee. To me, it is about (re)discovering who I truly am to be of always better service to the Worlds. It is about belonging, connecting and becoming One with all that exists. I’ve been shaken, sometimes gently, sometimes a bit more roughly but always with Love – and under the dust I am finding my true Self’.” (Irene)

“I have enjoyed the variety of activities. I love how deep and simple the work is and how much I grow in awareness. I would like to work in pairs and do some healing work. I look forward to diving into the hand-outs and put some structure into “my homework”. THANK YOU.”

“Absolutely loved everything! The great cameraderie & also the giving back to the sacred land.”

“It is good not to have too much time for sharing. Keep short and direct, concise, so this weekend it was handled very well on that issue.”