Snowquartz at Imbolc

The Kin Guardian Gwion, carved from snowy quartz.

I have been checking in with Cerridwen this month, asking her what crystal/ stone to feature for this turning of the wheel~ Imbolc. I keep getting the same message about the same stone and one might think there is nothing really special about this stone, especially because of the fact that one can find it everywhere!? Because of its colour? Clearly Cerridwen wants us to befriend darker stones in order to help us see our shadow side. Our Priest/esshood color is black not white! 

Yet Nope! 

She keeps pointing very intently at SNOW QUARTZ! 

This common stone that grows almost everywhere on our blue planet is also called White Agate or White Chalcedony or Quartzite. It is milky-white- opaque color, sometimes even sparkly or opalescent with a tinge of opal.

I DID wonder if the white stones on the shores of our Beloved Goddess’s home Lake Bala was white quartz, but no they are not. Those stones I collected under her moonlight on her beautiful shores are White Granite and we will save that for another article as Goddess clearly pointed me towards the snow Quartz for this season of the Swynraig, as much as I tried to bargain with her, you too know she can be quite strongly willed!

This healing stone, Snow Quartz, is known for its higher powers and is associated with the Crown chakra ( Sahasrara ), activating clarity and a connection to your higher self and the Divine! 

Element: Water = Snow= Flow  

This stone beneficially instills the balance of Yin/Yang, Dark & Light. 

So if you are feeling the heaviness and the darkness of winter right now, knowing and befriending this particular crystal will lighten you up, restoring your energies and relieving your symptoms.

Snow quartz has a strong connection to Imbolc, which marks the midpoint between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Signifying the arrival of light and hope after the darkness of winter. A symbol of hope and new beginnings. Snow quartz was also worn as protective amulets or charms against evil spirits.

This common Mineral is known to be used as a sacred Stone by the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Australian Shamans, promoting stability in the ceremonial activities of the tribes. It has successfully been used to provide a pathway for receiving thought transmissions.  It is a Stone to encourage Ssisterhood/Brotherhood amongst all. Symbolizing kindness and mercy among our circles and all our relations. 

Snow Quartz brings you the gifts of peace and serenity. Providing you with emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. It will also bring you more compassion and awareness.

Like the Snow drop that pushes its shoots through the snow, so too this crystal has similar healing qualities, like Innocence, Purity, Power and Spirit!

Like the ewe’s milk flowing at this time of the year, snow quartz assists stuck energies to lift. Its healing energies will help you cast aside your burdens. It will also show you how you can let go of the feeling that you’re bound by limitations. 

Snow Quartz is also a crystal of good luck that will help open doors of opportunities for you. Perfect for this time of year when we feel the stirring of our dream seeds for the next cycle in our spiral.

Wearing a piece of Snow Quartz or having it in your environment will dispel your negative emotions and thoughts. It will assist you to gain a more positive and powerful perspective!

It’s a crystal that will help you overcome your victimhood and martyrdom. It will give you the support that you need while you’re learning your life lessons.

This magical stone fills you with uplifting energies that will make you look forward to new things! As Imbolc stirs the seeds of creativity within, it assists you to be brave enough to conquer different challenges!

A stone of discernment, the energies of Snow Quartz will remind you to think before you speak, because once you let those hurtful words out, you can never take them back again! 

This crystal will give plenty of insight that will help you survive hard times in your relationship with self and others. It will also melt the cold or icy feelings that you may have towards yourself or others.

Snow Quartz offers you a clarity of mind that will help you accomplish your tasks, complete your pending projects and intuitively receive clear messages from spirit.  Living up to its name by making sure “cooler heads prevail”. In other words, you be will be powerfully calm and impossible to shake under pressure, and instead of shrinking away from challenges that threaten you, you’ll rise to the occasion embodying pure power & love

A gentle and soothing crystal, the kindness stems from the nurturing energy within the Stone. alleviating hostilities, irritabilities and melancholy. Enhancing generosity, responsiveness and receptivity.

Snow Quartz is the crystal that will benefit you holding on to your innocence and sense of wonderment in this oftentimes loud and chaotic world!

Spiritually enlightening, it’s believed, that this crystal was used for wisdom, protection, and angelic communication by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Healers often say Snow Quartz is one of the best types of Quartz for empathy, hope, faith, and rest. Use Snow Quartz when you are feeling tired, confused, or stressed. 

The best way for us wise ones to use Snow Quartz for calmness, is by meditating while holding the stone toward the moon at night. 

A stone of gentle love. If such energy is emanating when we are in our essence, then we do not need to force anything, as all sinks into place in total harmony. Let this state happen within as you hold your snow quartz near. This is the way of the priestess!

Just because something is common doesn’t mean it has less value, it just means we may overlook it. So next time you see that snow quartz on the ground, this time pick it up and remember the potency that exists in everyday things!

A great Priestess stone for keeping yourself in-check, balanced and pure. 

So tend to the Swynwraig within you, stir self care into your brew, work with this crystal that nurtures your sacred soul, so that you can assist others in their healing.



“I am following the flow, following whatever is needed to happen. 

“The more I allow the more I receive.”

“I surrender to my natural blissful self. I am living in a field of love and light.”

“I rise to this occasion embodying pure power & love!”

“I surrender, I let go, I trust, I let flow”

“I Am stable and secure in Priestess myself”

“I invoke the Swynwraig within! This in turn heals me, which heals all” 

“ I breathe my warm breath into my Snow Quartz Crystal,  nurturing the beginning stages of what’s to come at this time of transformation”

Imbolc Blessings to you my dear Sisters and Brothers!

Stay pure of heart and mind at this turning of the wheel and allow Snow Quartz’s balancing and flowing effects connect to your own peace and blessings at this time of the year.

By Priestess of Cerridwen, Anastasia Love, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Yogini, Healer, Crystal Master, Thai Yoga Masseur, Ceremonialist, Inspirationalist, Priestess of cerridwen, Creatrix


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