Come sit by the Sacred Fire of the Kin

Witches & Druidcraft: We travel under the Rose

The Elements are our Magic. The Moon illuminates our spirit. We see into all the realms and dimensions. We dance with the Faerfolk, we fly with the Dragons and sing with the Merpeople… you think you know? Think again. Open you eyes and see the worlds. All is there for you to see. 

What do Priestesses/Priests of Cerridwen actually do in the world?

Well, what do you need? How can we assist? That is always the first question. 

A Scred Listener & Good Counsel? A Celebrant, ceremonalist, ritualist, spell crafter? A Diviner, Oracle, Embodiment, Soul Guide? A Healer, Body, Bodies and Soul? A Soul Midwife? Death Priest*ess?
A Wisdom Keeper, Secret Knower, Story Teller, Poet, Artists, Crafter? A Swynwraig, Awenydd, Gwyddon?

How do we work as public Priestesses and Priests in the world?

Someone who will walk the labyrinthine path into your own center with you? Someone by your side when the going gets tough. Someone who holds the torch of Goddess alight when the rest of the world goes dark. We are the ones who go bump in the night. Monsters don’t scare us. We have protection and we are happy to hold our shield over your head. 

Grail Guardians and Rose Allies are we. The Dragons love us, we are their chosen for their knowledge. Too much?
Ask any of us and we will explain, the why, the how and the when. You have the power to grow in the flow. A sense of Hiraeth (Belonging) calls to you: Listen. 

There is something ’bout those Cerridwen Kin.

So say those who see us here in Avalon, at Lake Bala and wherever we are. A confidence, a faith, a hope, despite the sometimes interesting state of the world.

Ask yourself “do you want to be the change you wish to see in the world?If so, is there something you need to change about You? Do you not deserve the best you can be at all times? Do you not deserve peace of mind and love in your heart?”

I believe you do, and I know Cerridwen does too. 

What do you want to know? 

Let me be your Sherpa as we climb the Tree of Life to see the stars. Cosmic Cerridwen invites you to find your MotherStar and finally find out where you come from and where you belong. 

Read all about us, we are an open book, in the Library of All Souls. Browse this page and if you have any questions message me at 

Cerridwen Rosaries, hand knotted by Charlene.

and range of other Goodies from the Temple of Cerridwen. 


We have come home, finally. 

A dream come true.

A spell in the making for 13 months.

TOCIA is a reality: the Temple of Cerridwen in Avalon. 

Small, bijou, but ours and ours only. Or shall I say Hers. 

She who made this all happen. We asked for it, and She manifested. It will take a few weeks to get everything we need into the space but the Priests of Cerridwen are putting together furniture, hang the paintings and make sure that all that is needed is present. 

I feel extremely grateful for all the witchy Priestesses and Priests of Cerridwen who held the container for this amazing venture. Five years we have this space to develop, to grow and to bring Her even further into the world. 

This year Cerridwen has manifested so much for Her kinship, here in Avalon and all around the world. We have been truly blessed with abundance, once again learning: if we keep the faith with Her, all that is needed will be provided. 

So mote it be. Blessed be. 

In Her Dark Bright Spirit

Hurray, we made it!
Our first book is now available and we are very proud of the co-created content that spans reality, fiction, poetry, prose, prayer and spell work. This book is a true reflection of our training as modern day Priestesses and Priests here in Avalon Glastonbury. We are very proud of the independent production of this work.  Get a copy

Cerridwen mural by Suzi Edwards Goose
Cerridwen mural by Suzi Edwards Goose

Goddess Cerridwen

Dark Mother

Lady of Magick & Mystery

Goddess of Death & Rebirth

Wise Woman Healer

Goddess of Witches & Shamans