Crystal of The Season – Hematite


Smooth grounding, protection, healing, stable, boundary, survival, balance, peace, self-control, earth connection, magnetism, alignment.


Placement: At your Root Chakra, Soul Star 6-9 inches below the root chakra or in between your feet. It is best to have at least 4 pieces in your toolkit in order to create a safe space. 4 at the base of your chair, base of treatment table, base of home, bed, property, car.

I chose this stone for the Vernal equinox because of its relationship to the earth, as the axis has shifted and the wheel has turned us into equal parts day and night, for all on earth, at the same time! At this time ALL of our Cerridwen Kin, around the world, are in a state of transformation and we are entering the Eclipse season.


Hematite will stabilize us, bring us back into our space, give us boundaries and definition and return us to the earth, protecting us all along the way.


Shifting, transforming, changing is occurring naturally, so allow your pivotal points to loosen, and Hematite can be your earth star point to access the connection to the earth, your body and allowing your boundaries to loosen for the shift yet protected and grounded all along the journey of eclipse season.

You are the Earth from which all things grow. Hematite brings you here, now. You are solid; You are alive. You are the point from which all things begin. You are the core, connected to the center of the earth. It is said that the core of the earth is hematite. Sort of makes sense magnetism wise hey!?

A stone that tames your mind, as it helps to sort out things in your mind. It helps one to realize the only limitations which exist are those self-limiting concepts within the mind.

It’s also capable of helping the body to remain cool and dispels heat and pain. One could use it on the forehead to draw out the heat from a fever or hot flash or place one wherever you feel pain.

It is an opaque stone so it vacuums up negativity. Because of this you want to clean and clear your hematite stones and jewelry often. You can soak hematite up to 12 hours in water with salt.

A great stone to mark your safe space as a witch ( your altar, sacred space, home, etc) and also to wear as a necklace, in your pockets during a healing, or 2 bracelets &/or 2 anklets. with your client protected with 4 tumbled stones at the base of the table as well. The more hematite the better!

I have lay/sat down in a circle of 28 hematite for healing meditations or a circle under my bed to remember dreams and relieve insomnia and feel protected, safe, secure.

Hematite balances the yin yang energies, perfect for this sacred time of Equinox. Utilizing the magnetic qualities of the Earth energies within us, and our planet, to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between our ethereal nervous system and our physical nervous system.

The name “hematite” is from the Greek “haimatites”, meaning blood-like in reference to the bright-red color of the powder hematite. It is soft and red inside and the ancients would use it for red dyes and paints/makeup. If you drop this stone or jewelry, it will most likely break, so be careful with it! Keep it in a safe padded bag or container.

It assists to dissolve and transform negativity energy, facilitating the attainment of peace, self-control and inner happiness. 

Helps us attain a soft meditative state, providing a smooth grounding to bring tranquility and emotional clarity. 

According to Melody from the book,  Love is In The Earth ( one of my crystal bibles); “It can be used in the treatment of light cramps, blood disorders., nervous disorders, and insomnia. It can also be used to assist in spinal alignment and the proper healing of breaks and fractures. Placing a piece of hematite on the base of the spine, on the area of the mis-alignment and on top of the spine, has provided adjustment to the vertebrae.”

Hematite is a grounding stone and is immensely helpful for bringing us down to earth, a place we need to be connected to do our work, in our body, and acting effectively in the world especially as a priestess of Cerridwen. 

Affirmation suggestions

“I am protected and safe.” 

“I honor my life force and my body.” 

“I am grounded and stable.”

“I am fully present in my body.” 

“I am allowed to have healthy boundaries.”

“I am unified with mother earth and all life.”

May Equinox bless you with a smooth grounding connection with yourself, our brother’s and sister’s and the Earth connected to Cerridwen’s spiral of life. 

May we polarize with the healing qualities of hematite and access the Free balancing energies that mother nature is providing us in this very moment. Be well, Be balanced, be blessed!

By Priestess of Cerridwen, Anastasia Love, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Yogini, Healer, Crystal Master, Thai Yoga Masseur, Ceremonialist, Inspirationalist, Priestess of Cerridwen, Creatrix


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