Crystal Cave: Spirit of Prehnite

Meeting Spirit of Prehnite

One night in the season of Fire this year, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling alone and uneasy. I was in a rehabilitation hospital and therefore not in my known environment. I could feel my nervous system getting out of balance and felt tense.

On my bedside table I had placed my little Prehnite crystal. After being awake for a while, I took the crystal in my hands, while curling up in bed. I held it between both palms of my hands. After a while it got warmer and warmer.

Suddenly I felt my consciousness diving into the crystal. Between green and golden structures of all shades I saw a little face sneaking out between the layers. A friendly young face looking at me. „Hello, no need to feel uneasy. Relax.“ He was sending vibes of joy and happiness. My heart felt lighter and lighter. He kept smiling and looking at me and I felt getting more and more balanced again. All the heavy „stuff“ seemed to disappear. 

As I thanked him for his help, he said: „You know what? There is something you could do for me. How about you showing my face to the world.“  „Yes“, I said, „I would love to do that.“

I felt sleepy again and as I could feel my consciousness wandering off to dreamland, Cerridwen tapped me on the shoulder: „Well you better write that down immediately, otherwise you‘ll have forgotten by tomorrow. And by the way, he has got some crystal fellows. How about showing there face to the world as well?“ Guess I have some work to do.

So, this is how it all started. 

May I introduce:

Spirit of Prehnite – a beautiful, loving and uplifting spirit who wants to guide you when times are rough and you need some lightness and uplifting vibrations. He makes it easy for you to keep the spirit up. If you don’t know him yet, it is about time.

Blessed be

by Marigold Moonchild , 1st spiral student of the Cerridwen course



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