Forecast February 2024


Janet Parfitt

Welcome to my February 2024 forecast.  This month could be an interesting one.  We have a lot of planets lining up in Aquarius.  Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and, amongst other things, he is a God of thunderstorms.  So be prepared for the bolt from the blue.  We will have six planets in Aquarius and these are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto.  As each of the other five enter Aquarius, they will conjunct Pluto which is currently at 0 degrees of that sign.  Pluto has, like Cerridwen, that energy of death and re-birth.  So as each planet conjuncts Pluto that transformational energy will be powerfully felt.  Most of the time the Plutonic energy can be a slow change but with the influence of Uranus it could lead to sudden dramatic changes.

Cerridwen is calling to us to challenge old systems, old ways of reacting, old ways of thinking.  This is so much about the new.  The last time that Pluto was in Aquarius was round the time of the French and American Revolutions.  Aquarius is a very humanitarian energy with all being done for the greater good.  Capricorn was a very top-down power system but now power will come from the grass roots, from the people.  The patriarchal structures will fall.

Mercury enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto on the 5th so unusual and transformative thought patterns could be a result. On the 8th the Moon enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto at the same time that the Sun will be sextile the North Node and square Uranus.  This could lead to some sort of emotional breakthrough which pushes us forward on our future path.

Mars enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto on the 14th.  Not the most romantic of energies but it could lead the changes in how we push forward and what we direct our drive into. Venus enters Aquarius and conjuncts Pluto on the 17th which can lead to some very unusual but interesting encounters with others. The Sun enters Pisces on the 19th which brings in a softer, more dreamlike energy.  A great time to connect with water through swimming or ritual bathing or anything like that.  But care should be taken with drink and drugs. Escapism can be addictive.

The good news is that when Uranus turned direct on January 27th it meant that all the planets are now in direct motion so it’s like Cerridwen is pushing us forward.  There are no more road blocks, nothing holding us back.  It is all go, at least until April 1st when Mercury turns retrograde.  So, make the most of this beautiful energy, break out of the old and push forward into the new.  

May Cerridwen bless your path.


Janet Parfitt – Priestess of Cerridwen


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  1. Thank you dear Sister for such an indepth forecast broken down that makes it easy to understand the energies coming in Feb.. In Gratitude Janet x

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