Priest-ess of Cerridwen Training

Healer – Seer – Wisdom Keeper
with Bee Helygen

Cerridwen mural by Suzi Edwards Goose
Cerridwen mural by Suzi Edwards Goose

Temple Teachings by the Temple of

 Cerridwen in Avalon & Temple College of Avalon

Meeting Cerridwen, Goddess of the

Cauldron of Transformation, Manifestation,

Death & Rebirth

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Training Overview

This is a two year (two spiral) training course available Online and In-Person in Glastonbury (Avalon), or a mix thereof. You can take the first year and then decide if you wish to continue with the second year.

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First year: a spiral into the Self, in a year and a day.
Foundation training starts in October, 2024
You will get to know the Dark Goddess Cerridwen intimately. Herstory, Her myth and legend continues to intrigue and enchant us in these modern times. We can learn so much about ourselves when we walk the labyrinthine path with Cerridwen, into the earth, into the crystal caves, the healing places beneath the Tor.  

The clear focus of the training is on developing your psychic and magical abilities, your healing of bodies and soul, as well as working with community priestessing, Sacred Ceremonial work, and a deep connection with the natural spirit allies who wish to work with us.  After successful completion of this training year, you will be invited to dedicate as a Sister/Brother/Devotee of Cerridwen here in Glastonbury/Avalon.

Second year: 9 months modular training to continue developing essential priestessing skills with the opportunity to choose from a variety of options to specialise in your chosen fields. After successful completion of this second year, you will be invited to initiate as a Priestess or Priest of Cerridwen.

Additionally to the Priestess Certificate received at the end of the Two Spirals, the student may specialise in Death Priestessing, Divination, Cystal Alchemy and Avalon Soul Healing™ during the course. 

The Two Spirals can be taken consecutively, which is recommended, but gap years of no more than two years are acceptable.

Benefits of doing the training

Soul Expansion

This training, if taken with an open mind and an open heart, will lead to your soul expansion and personal spiritual development, which will manifest in your daily life through an Empowerment and Connection to your Priestess or Priest Self.

The Goddess will place your feet on the path towards your sovereignty. She will guide you, shine Her light on you and give you peace if you follow where She leads you – your inner knowing – your unity with the natural world – your ability to live in harmony with AllKind.

Tiana feather cloak
Tiana feather cloak


You choose to be the light for all in the darkness. You choose to be unconditional and unending love, starting with yourself, those close to you, your local community and the global family of allies of the Great Mother Cerridwen.

You choose to be a celebrant, a ceremonialist, a sacred listener, a seer, an oracle, a healer of soul and body, a Death Priestess, a Sacred Soul Midwife™, a Temple Priestess/Priest, individually or all of the above.

This training is a personal and transpersonal development into a spiritual leader in your community. You choose how you wish to show up in the world, depending on your passion and desire to improve the life situation for others by helping them find their path to healing and helping them thrive. There are many pathways to serving the Goddess and the wider community. 

In the right circumstances you may be of service as an Eco Activist, Advocate for the Dying, celebrate Handfastings, hold Baby Namings, prepare Funerals, create Wellbeing circles, speak on behalf of domestic and wild animals, heal the Soul and Body of your clients with sound, crystals and plant spirits, help others express their innermost feelings, release shame and trauma. These are just a few examples of how a Cerridwen Priestess/Priest acts in the world.


Who is this training for?

  • Anyone who has a calling to work with the Goddess Cerridwen
  • Anyone wishing to be in sacred service to their community
  • Anyone seeking soul expansion, empowerment, sovereignty and personal spiritual development
  • Anyone wishing to be a Healer, Seer, Wisdom-keeper
  • Anyone wishing to take on some of the roles given above including celebrant, a ceremonialist, a sacred listener, a seer, an oracle, a healer of soul and body, a Death Priestess, a Sacred Soul Midwife™, a Temple Priestess/Priest
  • Any gender is welcome
  • No previous experience as a priestess/priest, healer, wiccan or shaman is required.

An Introduction to Cerridwen and Her Priestesses and Priests

The Dark Mother Cerridwen, Goddess of Inspiration and Manifestation

In Herstory, Her myth of Becoming, Cerridwen is the Mother of three magical children. Despite being a Goddess, Motherhood holds challenges for Her too. Her whole story is about wishing for a better life for her children, and doing everything She can to bring that about…with interesting consequences.

Plans we make for our life can sometimes go awry. Challenges occur in everyday life — what shows us who we are is the way we respond. Cerridwen shows us not to be afraid of our human emotions, even if some of them are often judged as negative or destructive.

The beauty of this Goddess is the relevancy She has, now more than ever. The times we live in call for a different approach to community and society. We, as a spiritual community, call for a new beginning, for a softening into strength – not power-over, of loving kindness, of forgiveness.

We forgive ourselves and and we forgive the actions of others, no matter how hard this may seem to be. Only forgiveness and loving kindness will bring peace of mind and heart.

As Priestesses and Priests of the Dark Mother Goddess, we understand ourselves, and we rise to our greatest potential in order to be a light illuminating the labyrinthine path of life for others.

We hold ourselves accountable and step up into spiritual leadership in our local and global community, becoming Seers, Healers & Wisdom Keepers.

The Seer: Y Gwledydd

In this function we work with those who seek to know what is to come, who wish us to be the mediators between them and the Goddess — we do this as Oracle of the Goddess and as her Embodiment.

We communicate with the spirit world on behalf of those who have lost loved ones. We use elemental scrying and augury to see, at times, answers to questions. We hear the voice of Goddess, the Guides and Helpers who come as way-showers, bringing signs to help the seeker find their way in an ever-more confusing world.

Priestess Bee Helygen as Oracle
Priestess Bee Helygen as Oracle

We work as community Oracle, opening ourselves as vessels to the Goddess, so She may speak through us in times of need; and give all who come to hear Her comfort and care.
Our speciality is the reading of the Soul, often employing the use of Tarot and Oracle Cards.

Dreams are explored to gather information for ourselves and others.

We learn to journey into the Other Realms where we find the Akashic Record of each soul, and the knowledge of past lives that may yet need to be healed.

Whatever vehicle we choose to see with, or better, Goddess chooses to employ to communicate with us, we work in unity and unison with Her. She has laid down a very strict Code of Conduct for Her Priestesses, so that the person consulting Her through us knows they can expect the highest standards of care and compassion.

Ours is a public role, should we choose it.

The Healer: Swynwyr

A comprehensive healing qualification is offered in this training, created over a decade through continuous work with clients. For the last six years the work has been done by Priestesses and Priests in Goddess House here in Avalon and abroad, as guest teachers and healers. 

The root of this modern reclaimed healing tradition is based on ancient druid Ovate teachings; the Meddygon o’r Myddfai herbal teachings; Susun Weed’s work; the work of Dion Fortune in her Esoteric Healing Principles; and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowiki’s interpretations of the qabalistic Tree of Life amongst others. This healing method is entirely guided by tutor Bee Helygen’s years of training and experience as a Healing Priestess here in Avalon and in Wales.

The healing of the dis-ease of the body begins with the healing of the disconnection with our soul. This is a guidance from the inner realms that has come through very clearly over these years, especially the last three. We are experiencing an unprecedented  narcissistic trauma response on a global scale. We have suffered great losses collectively and individually, now is the time to find a way to heal our own Self, and to help others to do so too.

Sound Healing with Priestess Mary Bonas
Sound Healing

18 herbs, crystals and trees are our aids from nature, and the healing with sound weaves the magic we learn from Cerridwen. She is the spell caster, like all druids, She knows how to communicate with every spirit embodied on the planet, how to create harmony from all the energies of the earth. We only need to listen and learn, open our hearts and minds and allow Her wisdom to flow through.

The Wisdom Keeper:

From ancient sources describing the structure of Celtic Society and the strength of character of the Celtic people they encountered, to the writing of Iolo Morganwg’s work, from the reclaiming tradition of the 17th century to modern day expanded Knowing, the Wisdom Keepers of Celtic Wisdom have always been present in this world. 

Often hidden, the knowledge was passed forward to this century where it once again became fully revealed and relevant. Many Priestesses and Priests step forward as Eco Warriors, the activists who speak on Her and the planet’s behalf. They become the Advocates for the Sick, the Suffering, the Dying. 

As the awareness becomes ever more apparent, that once again we stand at a crossroads as the human race, it is now time to learn from our past mistakes and from the knowledge that is available to us from our history and from the Other Realms.

Dragon or Air
Painting by Priestess Eréndira

We actively seek the guidance of the Dragon Realm which is so present here in Avalon. We open ourselves up to hearing the voices of our Ancestors of Blood and Bones. Those who came before us and who now dwell in Annwfn, asking us to listen and learn before it is too late. 

The Priestess and Priest are mediators between the realms, bringing back messages from the realm of Cerridwen, to guide us, to show us the magical labyrinthine path that will heal the breach between us and the other worlds. United with all the realms, we can survive. It is our disconnectedness from the ancient Knowing that holds us back in our global consciousness of unity in community. 

As Community Priestesses and Priests, we hold a position of power, not power over, but power to: facilitate the equal sharing of resources, bring forward kinder communication between people, encourage care in our community in the full sense of the concept including all ensouled beings. We listen, we mediate, we activate.


Why work with the Dark Goddess Cerridwen and why now?

In the last three years we have found ourselves in a time of great personal and global turmoil and uncertainty. Cerridwen, as the Goddess of Transformation, Death and Rebirth is a powerful ally to help us navigate these difficult times and hold us safely in her protective care. 

The world needs the strong arms and stout hearts of the faithful, regardless of which divine being we work with. We are inviting you to join the Cerridwen Kin and step forward into becoming pillars of light for your community and the global community. Cerridwen is our taproot from which we grow our Priestess and Priest Self, the vessels through which Cerridwen communicates Her wisdom teachings to the world. 

Allow Cerridwen, Goddess of Transformation, Surrender, Inspiration and Renewal, to enter your life. Follow Her call and find your highest calling. Becoming Her Priestess or Priest is a most rewarding vocation. In service to Her you will find within yourself a spiritual strength not yet fully explored. Sincere devotion to Cerridwen builds a strong foundation on which you can rely in times of self doubt, fear and soul suffering. She is the presence of support beside you, She holds you whenever you call on Her. When you falter, She is the hand beneath your arm, holding you upright until you are ready to step out strong again and face the world.

Embrace of the Dark Mother
Embrace of the Dark Mother

We call Her ‘our Mother of Darkness’, because when we are in our shadow, when the world is a scary place, She holds us safely in Her arms. There is no greater kindness to be found in this world, or in the Other. In the comfort of Her womb cauldron we lay, sleep, rest, dream and heal, rising more determined each cycle into Her great light, ready to serve all existences when called upon. From this powerful connection between the divinity within you to Her, you draw strength for your work. You are Her conduit to those who need Her help and guidance, Her presence in their life.

The course is designed to prepare the student for their own development into a Priestess or Priest of the Goddess Cerridwen, our All Mother, our Dark Mother – the oldest Goddess of the Brythonic Celtic people who travelled through Europe, eventually settled in Britain, were decimated and pushed into the ocean by Roman invaders. Reconnecting with these deities brings through their ancient wisdom so needed in this world. As a Priestess you come into your power as a Seer for the tribe/community and an embodied Oracle of the Goddess, speaking Her words, giving blessings through your hands, beaming Her love for all who come before Her through your eyes. The feeling of Her presence and protection in you and all around you is incredible and out of this world in the very literal sense of the concept, and yet it is tangible to you. You can feel Her love flowing through every cell in your body.

Cerridwen’s message is one of caring, compassion and empathy for all, the love for all existences, and forgiveness. Her arrival announces change, transmutation, transformation, a time of healing and awakening your Sacred Self, for you and for others. By becoming one of Her Priest/esses, you facilitate healing during times of transition, using ritual and ceremony, holding safe space for others so that they may experience a rebirth into new beginnings. In this training, you may choose to acquire skill in conducting Rites of Passage for all stages in people’s lives – helping them and the planet to evolve.

It has never been more important then now to channel the guidance Goddess can give us, to connect with the spirit guides and helpers, the teachers who are still ready to serve humanity, in realms other than our own, You can be the vessel for this exalted learning, you can open yourself to receive the messages of all realms.

Cerridwen is the Goddess of Inspiration and Manifestation, of Death and Rebirth, of transmutation and change. Change has come for all of us whether we wanted it to or not. You are being called now to help find a new way, a kinder way, a more gentle way of living, in which all beings are seen and heard,

Cerridwen facilitates the transition between this life and the next. During this time of Covid we have all seen the dreadful flaws in the systems of our institutions. The Death Priestess part of the training looks toward us becoming a bridge, trained to help those grieving, those who are dying; to make the pathway towards the next life feel not so lonely, to mitigate the fear and suffering for all involved.

Cerridwen is the Queen of Annwfn, the Celtic Otherworld, were the souls that leave this plane, go to rest, resource and return when they are ready. She lifts the veil of the Mysteries, allows us to see what will bring comfort and clarity. You can be the source of this knowledge as you open to Her messages.

Her Priestesses and Priests serve the community in the Temples, in nature, in hospitals and hospices.

The Cerridwen Llwyth (Tribe) are first and foremost Healer Priestesses and Priests, working with spirit of crystal, plant, tree and sound, interweaving the harmonics of all vibrations in sacred union and communion with the natural world. Our drums help us heal through rhythm and song, each module you will be introduced to new ways of sound healing. We have an affinity for working with spirit and soul, at all stages of life, learning to journey to and with them in order to assist the healing of mental, spiritual and physical dis-ease.

We are an integral part of the Avalonian Tradition in Glastonbury and create a monthly Dark Moon Healing Ritual here in the Temple and Online. Generations of Cerridwen Priestesses, Priests and current students co-create the numerous events the Tribe holds here in Avalon, applying what they have learned immediately. Zoom has allowed us to connect with all our sisters and brothers, create ceremony, workshops and convocations to include more people than ever before.

If you are drawn to Cerridwen, Great Cosmic Mother of All, if you hear Her call to you, then come and meet us, see what we do, either as Healers in Goddess House, Ceremonialists in the Temple, or during the Embodiments, Vigils and our convocation we hold here in Avalon each year: The Avalon Cauldron Gathering.

Avalon Cauldron Gathering 2023
Avalon Cauldron Gathering 2023

The time has come to illuminate your personal path, and guide the world to a new way of living and dying. When we Live with Honour, we Die in Peace. Are you ready to step into a leadership role in your community? Are you ready to show your light to those in need? Spiritual leadership is not an easy path, it takes hard work, commitment and passion. Many are called by Cerridwen to come now. Byddwch yma nawr. Be here now. She sees your light and asks you to shine it.

A Deeper Dive into the Training Content

First Spiral

In this first year we spiral within. Our focus is on getting to know Cerridwen and on diving deep into ourselves, beginning a lifelong love affair with who we are, who we can be. There will be many processes of spiritual development and self knowledge during your time on the training, and some of it will be difficult and challenging. I promise you though, if you persevere, if you manage to find that loving connection with Cerridwen, you will find joy and hope in your life. 

Exploring the Magic and Mystery of the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen

The First Spiral explores the myth of the Goddess Cerridwen, reputedly All Mother of the Proto Celtic people. 

Finding Her story hidden in the annals of time, rediscovered by accident, translated from the Welsh into English, this ancient Goddess now inspires people across the globe. Her story holds valuable lessons for our modern life: about love relationships, the shaming and blaming of Mothers, the secrets of plant spirit medicine, our relationship with each other, and with nature, showing how it can help heal us. 

The earthly realms of earth, sea and sky dance with the otherworldly realm of Annwn, reputedly accessible via the egg stone on the Tor here in Avalon.  Walking the path of Cerridwen, She who brews the cauldron of all wisdom, will lead to insights into the subtle dimensions, the Unseen but felt energies, all that lies betwixt and between.

The Goddess of Inspiration and Creation calls all to follow Her into the realm of poetry, song, magic and creation. Birthing poems and stories in praise of Her gifts to us is part of what we do on this course. Creating priestess tools like smudge fans, sourcing our Priestess staffs and crafting adornments for ceremony are a part of the practical exercises.  

Smudge fan by Jesica Bowman
Smudge fan by Jesica Bowman

In our Herb work we create special incenses for the season, we also work with the wonderful Carole Carlton, author of the series of Mrs. Darley’s books, and a renowned healer, to create essential oils mixes and products for the dying room. 

Cerridwen’s myth shows us what soul shadow is and how the dark emotions that we all may feel at times, can destroy if denied or strengthen a person when acknowledged and honoured. 

There is no hiding from Her, She sees all and She loves unconditionally. She challenges all that no longer serves the highest good, shows the dark mirror of self-delusion and self-betrayal. Honesty and integrity, self-knowledge and acceptance are Her gifts. The greatest adventure is the journey into the Self, falling in love with the real You, buried under years of conditioning, expectations and obligations. This is the road to freedom. 

Cerridwen’s Herstory Her origin myth guides our path. Herstory teaches that right action in the world is the way into the centre of our personal power. We begin our Hera’s journey with the archetypal aspects of the Goddess around the wheel of the magical year like our Ancestors. However, it is also around the cycle of discovery of our own life story.  

Creating Ceremony and Ritual

In the first spiral you will be guided to create seasonal ceremonies, basic ritual work, and spell rites. 

Spell Rites by Priestess Reti Toriella
Spell Rites by Priestess Reti Toriella

Cerridwen – Shamanka and Shapeshifter

We are relearning the skills of the intuitive healer. Crystal Healing – Introduction to the 18 dark-bright crystals of Cerridwen and their healing properties.

Herbal Lore and Use for Healing Introducing the 18 herbs of Cerridwen, their use in modern healing . Tree Spirits and their healing power – Introduction to the 18 sacred trees of Cerridwen, communicating with their spirit.

Serving as a Sacred Listener/Soul Friend – The role of Soul Friend is that of a spiritual companion. This introduction to Sacred Listening skills leads to an expansion of your Priestessing skillset. Soul to Soul… 

Soul Midwife- you will understand the ongoing process of soul retrieval, soul healing & soul expansion.

The healing of the soul is the foundation to a happier, more fulfilled and successful life. Avalon Soul Healing™ is our trademarked healing modality.

Death Priest-ess: You will learn to aid the dying and their loved ones, learn to be present and supportive. From diagnosis to grieving support is the journey we take with the dying, including Funeral Celebrancy.

See In-person Spiral 1 or Online Spiral 1 for more details. The content is essentially the same although expressed slightly differently.

Second Spiral

Year 2: Spiralling to the Outer World

We ascend towards becoming Her Priestess/Priest for our community, locally and globally. We step into our calling as a Celebrant and a Healer, stepping into spiritual leadership for individuals and groups. We continue our learning of divination, healing, ceremonial and ritual work, death priestessing. and the arts and skills of a Temple Priestess/Priest. 

Becoming the Priestess or Priest of Cerridwen

Once dedicated to Her, it is time to learn the skills of priest-essing: connecting on a deeper level with Goddess, becoming Her voice and the vessel of Her wisdom in the world. Transforming from the mundane to the divine, in service to communities and individuals, travelling into the past for soul healing and reconnection, or into the future to ask for Her guidance.  Embodiment, oracling, scrying, organising Goddess events, pop up temples (visioned by Dawn Kinsella), creating meaningful and beautiful ceremonies for all life events, honouring women and men on their path to self-expression and so much more will be shown to you.  

Priestesses and Priests walking proudly into the world, without fear, calling Her in as the sacred torch bearers for Her essence. All She offers is enlightenment through Avalon Soul Healing, esoteric practices based on the profound rituals with intent of healing. Some may wish to step forward as Death Priest-esses, help ease the transition of the dying and their families, conduct funeral rites, become a soul guide.  

When the sadness of loss comes, a Priest-ess of Cerridwen walks beside family and friends as a Cariad Enaid…a soul friend. It is our calling to serve in the darkest hours.  

Priestess/Priest Skills and Arts

Eight seasonal sections plus seasonal Virtual Temples on Zoom covering essential priestessing skills, including Foundation Healing-; Oracling-; Embodiment-; Seership-; Astrology. 

In Year 2, in addition to the core priestess/priest skills development,  you are invited to choose your own learning programme, expand and hone your skills as Priest-esses including practising the Art of Sacred Celebrancy for our ministry in the community. Seership, Ymgorfforiad (Embodiment), Channelling, Oracling, Sacred Working in creating ceremonies such as: Queening, Croning, Honouring our lost children, Rituals of Rebirthing (Coracle Rite), Unbindings, Funerals & Memorials; baby namings &  handfastings. You will create bespoke, meaningful personal ceremonies.You will also learn about much needed life rites. 

Goddess Conference ceremonialists
Goddess Conference ceremonialists

At this moment of time we are opening the possibilities of more accredited units of the course. It is important to us that you gain the most detailed and practical learning experience, as we pride ourselves on being a Centre of Excellence for Priestess & Priest Training. The combined teaching experience of the Cerridwen Training Tutors provides a rich and eclectic menu to choose from. On our Youtube channel The Cerridwen Kindred Channel you will be able to see examples of what we create in the world.

Optional Modules:

There are currently seven optional modules from which students must choose at least three:

Scent; the sacred making of scent offerings. Anointing oils, bottled spray for a variety of magical and healing uses. Incense making. 

Sound: spell songs, sacred chants, crystal sound healing including crystal bowls, drumming and other percussion sound healing, healing with the voice.

Healing: Avalon Soul Healing™, Crystal Healing, Heart & Soul Readings, Past Life Regression, Sacred Listening, Grief Work, Herblore, Spirit Allies, Celtic Shamanic Healing. 

Divination: Tarot & Oracle Cards, Elemental Scrying, Ancestral Work, Motherline Work, Dark Mirror Work, Embodiment, Oracling.  

Bardic Arts: writing, composing, poetry, story telling, sacred theatre, psycho drama. 

Ritual & Ceremonialist: Seasonal Ceremonies, Bespoke Individual Ceremonies, Handfastings, Baby Namings, Menarche Ceremony, Queening, Saging, Croning plus other Rites of Passage, Funerals and Memorials.

Death Priestessing: accompanying the terminally ill, dying and dead on their journey into the OtherWorld. Grief work with families and friends. Advanced Care Planning, Funeral Preparation, Mitigation of Pain through sound and energy healing, death rites.  

Introductions to these modules will be included in the core training at the beginning of Spiral 2 to enable students to choose their specialisms.

See Online Spiral 2 or In-person Spiral 2 for more details.

Healing Modules within the Training

Avalon Soul Healing ™ IPHM

This is a variety of healing methodologies — the healer-in-you and Goddess will determine which one is right for you:
Self Healing of Childhood Wounds.
Healing Emotional Trauma.
Grief Counselling. 
Sacred Listening/Goddess Counselling.

Hands on Healing (Magnetic) Hands passing across the body (Radiatory)

Avalon Soul Healing
Avalon Soul Healing

Crystal Alchemy Sound Activation. The use of instruments to release obstacles, obstructions, pain from your body. Send sound energy into places in your bodies. 

Empowerment to soul evolvement, connecting the soul of the client with Goddess and all Guides & Helpers.


Celtic Shamanism: Learning to journey to retrieve information for yourself and others. Connecting with Goddess in Her realm.
Dragon Wisdom. Cauldron Magic. 

Akashic Wisdom for healing

Learning Rites and Rituals to release Past Life issues and present life attachments. 

Creating meaningful ceremonies for individuals, groups and the public.

Witches' Memorial Walk 2022

Drum Journeys. Dark Moon Magic Rituals.


Care for the Dying/Funeral celebrancy

Death Priestess and Priest of Avalon. All levels of support from diagnosis to funeral and beyond. One stop service for families and dying people to get the help and assistance they need. Learning to work within a multi agency team, advocating for the dying person. Soul healing, aiding the transition, empowering the dying to a good death.

Souls in transition

Working with organisations like charities and the NHS (National Health Service in the UK) to understand the spiritual needs of the clients.

Performing Death Rites and last services. 



Learning to use your intuition and insight for Seership.
Scrying, Embodiment, Oracling, Past Life Regression, Healing the Ancestor Line.

Cerridwen the Seer by Priestess Alex La Malfa

Tarot and Oracle Card work. As a Priestess Seer you can create opportunities for individuals, groups and the public to look towards the future, heal the past and receive guidance for the present. Goddess speaks through you, becoming the bridge between Her and the Seekers.

Example Skills Outcomes

Proviso: the outcomes are dependent on completing all tasks set, dedication to the work and independent enquiry and research. What you put in, you will get out. 

*Sacred Listening

*Connecting with Cerridwen through invocation.


*Sensing the energy bodies of the trees, reading their wisdom and engaging in advocacy for the planet. 

*Incense making in a plant sensitive way. 

*Avalon Soul Healing™

*Connecting with spirits of the land.

*Life Rite Ceremonies.

*Making of healing draughts, sprays, lotions and tinctures.

*Seership. Oracling. Embodiment. Voice of the Goddess Global Transmission.

*Seeking and creating your Priestess tools.

*Creating journeys for Ceremony.


*Celtic Release and Renewal Ceremony. 

*Magical workings of the wild wise women and men.

*Healing with crystals and sound

*End of Life Care. Funeral Celebrancy. 

*Stepping into the Priestess Self.

*The Bardic Arts: creating and making your own items of devotion i.e. sculptures, drawings, songs, poems, stories.

This is not an academic course for the historical re-enactment of Celtic tradition. We base our knowledge on what we have been gifted by Goddess. We serve the travellers, the seekers, the community where we live. In peace and love. So mote it be.

Training Options

This is a two year (two spiral) training course available Online and In-Person in Glastonbury (Avalon). You can take the first year and then decide if you wish to continue with the second year.

First year: foundation training starting November, 2023 in which you get to know the Dark Goddess Cerridwen and focus on developing yourself. After successful completion of this training year, you will be invited to dedicate as a Sister/Brother/Devotee of Cerridwen.

Second year: modular training starting October 2024 to continue developing essential priestessing skills to enable you to serve Goddess and your community with the opportunity to choose from a variety of options to specialise in your chosen fields. You may wish to take all the modular options in the second year, or choose at least three out of seven Priestess Arts: Scent, Sound, Healing, Divination, Sacred Drama & Bardic Arts, Death Priestessing, Ritual & Ceremonialist. Should you then wish to take a third year to finish all seven modules this will incur an additional cost. 

In-person Training

This will consist of 7 weekends in Glastonbury (Avalon) for the first spiral with the option to dedicate on an additional day in September 2023 in Glastonbury or online.

There will be 7 weekends in Glastonbury for the second spiral or online.

The In Person course requires a minimum of 10 participants to run. Should the In Person not run, applicants are invited to join the online training with optional practical days in Avalon as agreed with the tutor.

This year so far we have run days for Oracling and Embodiment and for the Avalon Soul Healing in person here on the sacred isle of Avalon.

Learn more about the In-person Training

Online Training

The online training will centre on monthly 3-hour Virtual Temples on Zoom together with monthly individual tutorials and all the learning materials on the online Podia platform.

There will be 8 Virtual Temples in the First Spiral with the option to dedicate on an additional day in September 2023 online or in Glastonbury.

There will be 8 Virtual Temples in the Second spiral  with the option to initiate online or on an additional day in Glastonbury, or potentially at a 3 day retreat at Lake Bala, Wales (additional cost).


All students will be encouraged to connect across the two presentations (Online and In-Person). Connection with the Goddess and each other is vitally important to your spiritual and professional development in this course. In person students are encouraged to join the Online students in our Virtual Temples on Zoom; and  if Online students are in Avalon (Glastonbury) at the time of the In Person course, they are invited to join us.

If your circumstances change, you can switch between the In-person and Online training options.

Learn more about the Online Training

Learning Materials

The learning material for the spirals is available digitally only, via our online portal. The same materials are used for both the In-person and the Online trainings.

All students need to be able to access online training materials in the form of:

Emails – individual and group, interactive Podia platform, a Facebook private group, Zoom, YouTube, digital pdfs, videos and audio recordings.

The Interactive Online Course material is presented in the form of seasonal books which are released each season onto the private online portal. They include written and oral seminars, literary sources, myths and legends of Britain, introduction to other teachings like esoteric healing by Dion Fortune and the work of druidic research. Modern Celtic Shamanism is part of our learning cycle as Cerridwen is a Celtic Druidic Goddess. Online seminars, recordings, Zoom Meetings for sister circles, Virtual Temples and tutorials are also included. We also upload informative videos for practical working.

An extensive booklist is offered, drawing on 25 years of study of esoteric and druidic material, and a variety of experiential trainings. The course is also rooted firmly in the Avalonian cycle created by Kathy Jones.

Group Seminars (Virtual Temples) will be given in 3-hour sessions via Zoom approximately once a month – these are primarily for the Online students although In-person students are also welcome to join.

Priestess of Cerridwen Virtual Temple
Priestess of Cerridwen Virtual Temple

Individual 45 minute tutor-led sessions will be given to each Online student once every season (approximately 6 weeks), also via Zoom. Tutor sessions are arranged by mutual agreement and are a requirement for the successful completion of the course.

This course is modular, you will receive digital booklets of material with information about the aspect and homework instructions, recorded journeys to the Otherworld to meet Cerridwen in Her aspects, a video each cycle including herb lore/crystal healing/sacred listening instructions and audio recordings of stories, poems, seasonal songs, seminars by guest speakers. We may also include an ethically sourced crystal for the season.

Completion of all requested tasks is required to successfully dedicate at the end of this first year as a Sister/Brother/Devotee of Cerridwen. Work can be evidenced in the form of video & audio recordings, writing in prose and poetry, photographs, drawings, songs, crafting.

Apply to Join the Training

For both the in-person and the online training, please use our online Application Form (includes Terms and Conditions) to apply.

Alternatively, you can download our Application Form as a PDF here to complete and send back to us at 22 Underwood Road, Glastonbury, BA6 9BQ, or scan and email to us at 

Once you have applied, you should hear back from us within 5 working days. If not, please contact Bee at

Suitable applicants will be invited to join a Zoom interview with course tutor Bee Helygen so that both you and Bee can assess whether the Priestess of Cerridwen Training is currently the right fit for you.

If you are successful in your application, and have signed our Terms and Conditions included therein, we ask you to make full payment or to start your instalment payments to secure your place.

Payment Information

The course investment for both the online and the in person training is £950 per person, per spiral. 

The course fee can be paid in full or by 5 instalments of £200. If you choose to pay in instalments, an additional administration fee of £50 will be charged to cover additional admin and transfer fees. 

Course Tutor Bee Helygen

Bee Helygen - Priestess of Cerridwen
Bee Helygen – Priestess of Cerridwen Course Tutor

Bee is the Adoratrix Priestess of Cerridwen and Priestess of Avalon. A teacher and counsellor by profession, she facilitates workshops and courses in the UK and Europe. Bee is the creator of the training and is also the main tutor. 

This is the 8th year Bee has taught the Priestess of Cerridwen course here in Avalon and the fourth year that she has taught the online version. 

She creates rituals and ceremonies for Groups and Individuals based on her twenty five years of practice and devotion to Goddess.

 A Temple Priestess, Healer and Ceremonialist here in Avalon, Bee also works as an Avalon Soul Healer™ and Spiritual Counsellor at Goddess Healing House. She is a certified Sterbebegleiterin (companion to the dying) for the last 40 years. Now her mission is to bring the function of the Death Priestess back into the world. Her work is mainly in the local hospital as a Teacher for spiritual care and as an ACP advisor. She is  a Funeral Celebrant, working in synergy with other health care professionals to provide sacred services. Learn more about Bee here.

You can contact Bee about the training on 07906 098284 or

Student Feedback

“It is difficult to share in few words the deep healing work that I am experiencing on my first year of training with Cerridwen under the guidance of Bee. To me, it is about (re)discovering who I truly am to be of always better service to the Worlds. It is about belonging, connecting and becoming One with all that exists. I’ve been shaken, sometimes gently, sometimes a bit more roughly but always with Love – and under the dust I am finding my true Self.”

Irene M


“Bee is an outstanding example of a Priestess of Cerridwen! Her strength, commitment and connection with goddess are a true inspiration and have helped me to build my own connection with Her.”

Daniela Seefelder


“I am immensely grateful to Bee for her engaging enthusiasm as a teacher, mentor and sister.  Her deep and infectious connection to Cerridwen is palpable in all that she says, does and believes.

“The past two years have literally flown by, and in that time we sisters have ourselves grown in love and deep connection with our Goddess Cerridwen, and our sister Priestesses.  We have dived into the dark waters of the Cauldron of Testing, often in fear of what will be revealed, and become stronger as individuals and in sisterhood.  In gathering the tools with which to work with Cerridwen’s particular energy, we have each found our strength and gifts to take out into the world as Her Priestesses.

“I have adored my time in training, always hungry for more experiential knowledge and ways to grow with Goddess, and I would recommend this course in a heartbeat.”

Ruth Cogan


“The Priestess of Cerridwen course was everything I had dreamt of, hoped for, my expectations were met. Bee’s knowledge was immense, her training and teachings were exemplary. Nature, medicines, herbs, elements, magick, crystal, spirits, music, dance, song, poetry, rituals, celebrations, the moon. I have loved every part of it”.

Gloria E. Mann

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is the right training for me/if Cerridwen has called me?

Most students who apply for this training have had psychic encounters with Cerridwen and it is this which has brought them to the training. We suggest that you book a meeting with the tutor, who has 30 years of experience in training people. She will be able to answer your questions, which might help you decide whether this is for you or not. 

Is it possible to speak to current or graduated students to get a student perspective on the training?

Yes. Please contact Bee at and she will put you in touch with one or more students.

Do the in-person and the online training cover the same material?

Yes they do although they may be covered in a different order. The digital learning materials are the same for both versions of the training. There is of course always the possibility that questions raised by students will lead to additional tangential teachings..

Is it possible to switch between the In-person and the online trainings?

Yes, it is possible to switch between In-person and Online trainings if your circumstances change.In-person students are always welcome to join the online Virtual Temples on Zoom and Online students are welcome to join the In-person trainings in Avalon if they are in town.

Do I need to have previous experience to do the training? Are there any prerequisites?

No, you do not need any previous experience. However, most people who are attracted to work with the Dark Goddess Cerridwen have substantial life experience. All students need to be responsible for themselves and their emotions and be prepared to explore their shadow – Cerridwen’s territory.

I feel I am in need of healing. Will this training support me in that?

Yes, this training supports students’ healing and soul expansion. Students will support each other as they learn the skills of Sacred Listening and Avalon Soul Healing™. However, this is not a therapy course and students will need to seek external support if that is what they need.

Do I need to commit to both spirals initially or can I decide after the first spiral?

No. You can complete Spiral One and feel if you are drawn to continue your training. Occasionally, someone takes a break for a year but we suggest the break is no longer than two years.

Where are the Terms & Conditions of the training?

Please read the Terms and Conditions here – they are also included in the Application Form.

How much does the training cost and is there a payment plan option?

Both the In-person and the Online training costs £950. You can pay in full or by instalments which attracts a small additional administrative fee. See Payments section for more information.

Can I get a refund if I decide the training is not for me or if for some reason I am unable to complete it?

No. Refunds are not given. However, if something arises which prevents you from continuing your training, you may be able to defer until the next year and your money will be held in escrow until then. 

Is there a Facebook group where students can connect?

Each spiral has a private Facebook Group where In-person and Online students can connect and share their experiences and resources. After dedication, Sisters and Brothers of Cerridwen are invited to join the larger Priest~ess of Cerridwen private Facebook group and also to join the kinship Sharing Circles on Zoom which happen every 2 weeks.

Is there a directory of qualified Priest/esses of Cerridwen?

Not yet but should be happening soon. In the meantime, you can meet some of the Priestesses and Priests of Cerridwen on the Priestess of Cerridwen section of our blog.

Are individual tutorials available with the tutor?

Individual 45-minute tutorials on Zoom once each season with Bee are a requirement for all Online students. In Person students may wish to book these sessions, however, this is not a requirement for their training. 

Is there printed course material?

No. All learning materials are digital and hosted on the online training portal used by both In-person and Online students. Some written material can be downloaded. 

Is there a reading list?

Yes. This is optional but recommended. You will be sent the list with a comprehensive Welcome Letter after you have been accepted onto the training.

Is there homework and what does this involve? How will I be assessed?
The word Homework has triggered a reaction in some students and conjures the memories of bad school days in a patriarchal society, hence we call our work Directed Tasks and Guided Expansion. The directed tasks will be required whilst the guided expansion is for those of you who wish to explore further, 

We are attempting to change your consciousness, one can not achieve that by using outdated and outmoded language and models,  no matter how familiar and comfortable this feels. I will not even tell you that you must read all the material. In the material there will be prompts that will help you consider, marvel, get you thinking, might challenge you and your thinking. All this is Cerridwen’s way of guiding us on the path to Her. I am dropping the bread crumbs for the future generation of the Priestesshood. You chose to follow them. 

Are there things/ tools I need to buy for the training?

Most students buy a medicine drum during the training. You may also want to purchase Cerridwen’s healing ally herbs and crystals. Guidance will be given during the training for ethical sources. You will also learn how to make your own healing and divination tools such as incense, smudge fan and runes.

What can I do to prepare myself for the training?
Create a connection with Cerridwen by exploring the Blog on our website (particularly Cerridwen and Guidance from Mother Cerridwen), searching for Her name on Google, joining us at our live online Dark Moon Rituals, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, join our FB group Cerridwen Priestesses & Priests of Avalon. There are some book recommendations in your Welcome Letter when you apply for the course, if you like to read. 

Will I receive a certificate and what will I be able to call myself?

Following successful completion of Spiral 1 including all coursework and a dedication ceremony you will receive a Dedication Certificate and will be able to call yourself a Sister, Brother or Devotee of Cerridwen.

Following successful completion of Spiral 2 and all coursework and acceptance by Cerridwen during your Initiation ceremony, you will receive a certificate of initiation as a Priestess or Priest of Cerridwen.

Both certificates will be provided by the Temple College of Avalon administered by course tutor Bee Helygen.

How good does my English need to be in order to take this training?

You will need to be fluent in written and spoken English to gain most benefit from this training.

I have a disability/health issue – will I be able to join the training?

Whilst we do our best to enable everyone to access Cerridwen’s teachings, some disability/health challenges may make it difficult for you to fully participate in the training. Please contact course tutor Bee at with your concerns. If Cerridwen wants you, you and she will find a way!

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