Priestess of Cerridwen Training Spiral 1 – Online 2024 – 25

Priestess of Cerridwen Training Spiral 1 – Online 2024 – 25

The Priest/ess of Cerridwen Two Spiral Online Interactive training is open to all who wish to take part in the course but are unable to come to Glastonbury, England for all weekends of the two year course due to distance or other reasons. 

The deep immersion for the full five weekends of the In-person course is best, as a close connection is forged with all spiral sisters and brothers during those days, but it is also evident that with increasing social media and internet teaching, this connection can also be made and maintained  online. There are also options for online students to join in the In-person teachings in Glastonbury.

The Online course is supported by Priestesses of Cerridwen under the guidance of Course Tutor Bee Helygen, who created and wrote all course materials offered unless otherwise stated.

The material covered is essentially the same as in the In-person training – both options use the same learning materials.

This course of study takes motivation,  focus, dedication, organisation, being able to work towards deadlines, working in smaller groups independently, and of course, individual work. 

Getting to know Cerridwen’s Seasonal Wheel

Wheel of Cerridwen by Sephira
Cerridwen’s Season Wheel by Sephira

The training will follow the seasonal aspects of Cerridwen although the material will be spread and mixed in different seasonal postings to aid learning. 

Please see the description on the In Person Page for more details of the training.

 Virtual Temples

These form the core of the interactive training. They are 3-hour sessions on Zoom generally on Sundays. The open sessions are recorded, however students are expected to attend at least seven of the ten sessions live.This is to foster a community spirit and feeling of belonging to both our tribe and the Avalonian community.

Please be advised these dates may be subject to changes in exceptional circumstances.

Dedication as a Sister/Brother/Devotee of Cerridwen

Online students have the option to attend the In Person Dedication (no extra cost) in Avalon for their dedication or to dedicate in an online ceremony.

Dedication day in Avalon – 10, 11 & 12 October 2025

Online dedication – 19 October 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

At what time will the live online trainings (Virtual Temples) be held?

Usually Sundays 4 to 7 pm UK Time. 

Will the online trainings (Virtual Temples) be recorded and is it necessary to attend live?

The Virtual Temples are recorded however it is most beneficial to join them live so that you can participate fully, ask questions, share experiences and connect with your sisters and brothers on the training. You are required to participate live in at least seven out of the nine Virtual Temples and the Online Dedication.

Peer Work in Break Out Rooms will not be recorded.

I’m not very good with technology. Will that be a problem?

The technology is simple to use for most people, however some students who are not used to being online can find it challenging to begin with. We have an orientation video to help you with this and ask that you contact us as soon as possible if you are still having difficulties so that we can support you individually – it’s usually the simplest thing that you have overlooked – and don’t worry, you won’t be the only one! 

Please contact course tutor Bee at if you have any additional questions.

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