Calling your Magic Back

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may also hurt me’

‘What goes around – comes around’

Dear Children,

I come with a message today about calling back your magic and your personal power for growth and healing.

Do you know that witchcraft and spells manifests from the air of your breath and fuelled by the power of your voice.

Dear Ones, I ask you as of today, become more conscious of your words, your magic, how you speak to self, to others and about others. Words once spoken becomes an energy of either good or bad. ‘What goes around comes around’ eventually children.

Harness your personal magic for the good as you take control of your magic, your energy in what you send out into the world. Remember Peace is obtained by Inner Peace one Soul at a time. This is true Magic.

Being Present and aware, Child, of your words, you are grounding deeply into your Priestess/Priest self in high awareness of who you truly are. This is a Pathway One should follow.

Coming home to self is one of the greatest gifts in life, as is respecting self and others. It is where you will find my Cauldron Light burning brightly supporting your healing.

Mother Cerridwen by Miriam Shekinah Guinevere, Mother Cerridwen’s sacred Raven- Priestess of Cerridwen

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