Astrology from Beltane to the Summer Solstice

Welcome to your latest astrology report. The period between Beltane and the Summer Solstice is full of interest so without further delay, let’s get into it.

On the 2nd of May Pluto goes retrograde. Like Cerridwen Herself, Pluto is all about death, re-birth and transformation and when this Planet goes retrograde, it is asking us to look at how we transformed ourselves in the past and whether the way that we did that is still relevant to us now.  Did we wait for external events to change or did we do the inner work on ourselves?  Real transformation happens from the inside out and not the other way round.

On the 8th of May there is a new Moon in Taurus.  This is a time to set intentions around your values.  What do you value and why? Have you been giving value to people or things that do not feel your soul? Have your values changed?  Do not be afraid to change your mind.  It is a sign that you’ve grown.

On May 15th Mercury enters Taurus and you may find your thoughts slowly down a little giving you more time to ponder.  Again the issue of values will probably crop up. Taurus is all about what we hold dear but as an Earth and a Fixed sign Taurean energy can be stubborn.  Don’t hold on to anything that doesn’t serve your greatest good.

On May 20th the Sun enters Gemini and this is a very different energy from Taurus. Gemini is fast paced and all about communication. Expect lots of phone calls, texts or emails.  If you want to write a book or do a pod cast or anything like that, this would be a great time for that sort of thing. Get out into the world and talk to people but just don’t allow your brain to get too frazzled.  All the relentless social whirl can take its toll.

On May 23rd there is a full Moon in Sagittarius.  Time to manifest your travel plans or start a new course.  Anything around the idea of exploration is well starred here, whether that is actual travel or studying new things.

On the same day, Venus enters Gemini and Venus is in Her butterfly mode. She is chatty, flirtatious and fun but She may not linger anywhere for too long.  Her attention can be easily distracted and Her affections fickle.  A good time to meet new people but any relationship that starts now may not necessarily last that long.

A couple of days later, on May 25th Jupiter enters Gemini. Jupiter is not at their best in this placement because it is in opposition to its natural home of Sagittarius.  Knowledge can be accumulated at lightning speed but Jupiter’s tendency to expand everything can mean over doing it, either leading to burn out or to knowing a little bit about a lot of things but nothing in depth.

On June 6th there is a new Moon in Gemini. Time to set intentions about how you communicate.  If you’ve been meaning to contact an old friend you have seen for a while, now would be a good time. Also, it would be a great time to buy a new phone or send an important email. All communications should go well at this time.

On June 17th Venus has flown through Gemini and now She enters Cancer. Here Venus becomes the lover/mother who cooks and gardens and nurtures Her loved ones. Cancer rules the womb so for those who are trying for a baby, this could be a great time to conceive. Venus in Cancer wants to mother everyone but She need to resist the temptation to smother and not mother.

On the 20th of June the Sun enters Cancer just in time for the Summer Solstice. Again, all the nurturing Cancer energy comes into play with the Sun bringing all that love out to shine. If we actually manage to have any decent weather, this would be a great time to go and sort out the garden, for the act of gardening is also a form of nurturing.

Whatever you are up to in this period I pray that Cerridwen will shower you with Her blessings.

Lots of love,

Janet Parfitt

Priestess of Cerridwen

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