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Raising the Priestess of the Moon by Priestess Janet (11 am)

An exploration of how divination can work through astrology and/or Tarot/Oracle cards in an accessible and interesting way.

Janet Parfitt is a Priestess of Cerridwen, an astrologer and a professional Tarot reader. She
has helped at many Dark Moon Rituals and done some co-teaching on the Cerridwen
training. Later this year she will be teaching her new divination course entitled Priest/ess
of the Moon.

The Gifts of the Dark Goddess Sisterhood by Priestess Bee Helygen (12 Noon)

This is a journey of self discovery, self healing, self care and joyful exploration of the real You.

Bee is the creatrix and course tutor for the Priestess of Cerridwen training which has been running as part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple since 2015. This year she opened the Temple College of Avalon here in Glastonbury, to teach her own course and adding the Priestess of the Dark Goddess training to the offerings.

Herbal First Aid by Priestess Edwina  (2pm)

I will cover the basics of herbal home first aid, teaching the herbs to use for the stages of wound healing, from bleeding to, healing to working with infection. We will cover burns, bruises and bites. I will work the basis of a quick brainstorm to gather in what people think is important as well as to affirm what it is not and seeking help. I will bring some herbs in to the workshop as visuals.  I will demonstrate the making and use of a poultice.

I have been a medical herbalist for 12 years, having graduated with a first-class degree in Herbal Medicine at Central Lancashire University. I work as a consulting medical herbalist in private practice in Bolton or via zoom, specialising in women’s health as well as working with community groups to help reconnect them to nature and the medicines growing around us. I also facilitate Wise Woman Rising workshops which help women to reconnect to the wise knowledge of menopause. I have a deep love for our native wild medicines and like to work with them as much as possible, which includes teaching local people about local herbs in a way that helps them reconnect to the world around them in a deeper way.

I have a background in nursing as well as having been a complementary therapist for over 25 years specialising in cancer care and working with the very sick. I am a forager, Clinical Reflexologist for 26 years, aromatherapist, Shamanic practitioner and Breath work coach.

websites: and

Voice of the Goddess: Bone Wheel Keepers by Priestess Jules Opal (3.30 pm)
For the Psychic Folk among you.. The Guiding Hand of the Divine

Sacred Drama: Tales from the Cauldron by Priestess Arianwen (7 pm) with original Songs!

Tales From The Cauldron

Tales from the Cauldron is a sacred drama which tells the story of
Cerridwen’s spell to help her son Morfran, from three different points of
We will see the story play out as viewed by Gwion, the Cauldron and
Morfran, each bringing a new aspect to this ancient tale of magic and
transformation as Cerridwen weaves the spell which touches all three.
The audience, guided by narration and song, will be helped to connect
with the characters and gain insight into what could have actually
happened on that magical day and why there are different versions of
the same event passed down into lore.
This original drama is written and performed by the Priestesses and
Sisters of Cerridwen to be gifted to the community for the 2024 Annual
Cauldron Gathering.


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