Cerridwen Rosary Red Goldstone

Cerridwen Rosary Red Goldstone

Handcrafted by Cerridwen Priestesses of Avalon in our Temple Space in sacred Ceremony. Each is unique, one piece only, destined for the person who needs it in their life right now.

We add prayers, invocations for healing and positive emanations to these precious Rosaries.
We are reclaiming the pagan tradition of prayer beads, stolen from us by the Roman Catholic church 2000 + years ago.

The rose is a mystical ally to the Cerridwen Kin, she and her many children are the healers we call upon most.

Having such an ally with you will protect you from psychic attack, connect you with Goddess, your spiritual guides, and Beings of the Other Realms.

Descriptions of each of the Rosaries to follow.

Unique, one piece only
Red Goldstone, Carnelian and gold sheen Czech crystal. At the bottom a special tiger eye disk.

Length; 36 inches, 90 cm.
Born 19 March 2024 at the Temple of Cerridwen in Avalon (ToCiA).

Price includes worldwide shipping.

Confidence - Ambition - Motivation - Drive