Priestess of Cerridwen Training Spiral 2 – Online 2024-25

Priestess of Cerridwen Training Spiral 2 – Online 2024-25

Core Training to Develop Priestess/Priest Skills and Practices

Eight seasonal sections plus seasonal Virtual Temples on Zoom covering essential priestessing skills, including Foundation Healing-; Oracling-; Embodiment-; Seership-; Astrology. 

In the second year, you will build on the Priestess skills you acquired in the first year, intensifying your connection with Cerridwen as She leads you once again into the labyrinth towards your soul purpose. You are now moving from healing your Self to assisting others on their journey to wholeness as a guide directed by Goddess through your connection with Her.

Each module you will expand your knowledge: you will be working as a group to create opportunities to promote the Goddess movement and our Temple in the community. Together we create healing days, Dark Moon rituals and other public events in Avalon.

You will share individually researched topics as directed, and learn new exciting practices. This will include the Art of Sacred Listening for our ministry in the community, Ymgorfforiad (Embodiment), Channelling, Oracling, organising events to introduce Goddess to a wider audience in unison with others in your own community. You will be designing and creating life rites & ceremonies such as: Queening, Sageing, Croning, Honouring our lost children, Unbindings, Funerals and Memorials. There are many more life rites we work with in conjunction with Soul Healing as you will discover, and of course we work with individuals to create meaningful magical rituals for them. Our fertility spells have a high rate of success, of which we are justifiably proud. 

Cerridwen Altar with Cards

As an Avalon Soul Healer you will be shown how to remove unwanted energies from the physical and other bodies, create and hold Rituals of Rebirthing, assist in the unlocking of soul purpose and journey into the soul history of clients to obtain information and open new pathways into spiritual growth.

The mysteries of the Cauldron of Cerridwen will be revealed to those She has called, and who have proven worthy, as you step forward towards your initiation. She will send you messages of support and encouragement – “more are needed to reclaim the sacredness in the world” is Her invitation to you to become Her Priest-ess. Step into the Temple and receive your sacred fire from Her.


Optional  Modules

The course will be moving towards a modular structure. You will still be learning all the skills a Celebrant, Ceremonialist and Priestess/Priest needs for their work in the Temple and for the community. However, there will be satellite modules you can choose as specialisms, some of which are trademarked and accredited. You chose what is of interest to you and what can wait until a later time.

To go forward as a Priestess or Priest you will be creating a professional Portfolio in order to be admitted for Initiation, this can later be used by you as evidence of your skills and a handy collection of your offerings and competencies.

There are currently four optional modules from which students must choose at least two:

Scent: the sacred making of scent offerings. Anointing oils, bottled spray for a variety of magical and healing uses. Incense making.

Sacred Scent Sprays by Priestess Mary Bonas

Bardic Arts: writing, composing, poetry, story telling, sacred theatre, psycho drama. 
: spell songs, sacred chants, crystal sound healing including crystal bowls, drumming and other percussion sound healing, healing with the voice. Priestess Elan will be the tutor for this module and will introduce her own gift from Cerridwen: Cerridwen’s Song Wheel.


Healing: Avalon Soul Healing™, Crystal Healing, Heart & Soul Readings, Past Life Regression, Sacred Listening, Grief Work, Herblore, Spirit Allies, Celtic Shamanic Healing. With Priestess Bee Helygen 

Avalon Soul Healing

Divination: Tarot & Oracle Cards, Elemental Scrying, Ancestral Work, Motherline Work, Dark Mirror Work, Embodiment, Oracling with Priestess Janet 

Ritual & Ceremonialist: Seasonal Ceremonies, Bespoke Individual Ceremonies, Handfastings, Baby Namings, Menarche Ceremony, Queening, Saging, Croning plus other Rites of Passage, Funerals and Memorials.

Death Priestessing: accompanying the terminally ill, dying and dead on their journey into the OtherWorld. Grief work with families and friends. Advanced Care Planning, Funeral Preparation, Mitigation of Pain through sound and energy healing, death rites. 

Death Priestess 

Introductions to these modules are included in the core training from the beginning of Spiral 1 to enable students to choose their specialisms in Spiral 2.


Virtual Temples

These form the core of the interactive training. They are 3-hour sessions on Zoom generally  on Sundays. All sessions are recorded, however students are expected to attend at least six of the eight sessions live. Students will be asked to create a temple space, even if just temporarily, where they are, with a representation of the five elements and the Goddess in whatever form. 

This is sacred space with a circle of beloved Sisters and Brothers. It is a safe space, a nurturing time and space. It will help you connect to Goddess and the Tribe. It will develop your inner Priestess Presence. We laugh, we cry, we share, and we heal: together.

We will also invite associate Lecturers into our VTs including the lovely Carole Carlton of the Mrs. Darley books, who has been a wonderful teacher on our course for ney on 8 years. More info on Carol’s work available here.

Dates of VTs available from Bee. Individual tutors for the optional modules will give the dates for their Seminars.


Initiation as a Priestess or Priest of Cerridwen

Initiation as Priestess of Cerridwen

Following successful completion of Spiral 2, students are invited to initiate as Priestesses or Priests of Cerridwen.

You have the option of initiating in Avalon, in an online ceremony or potentially at Lake Bala in Wales (additional cost).

Please contact course tutor Bee at if you have any additional questions.