Priestess of Cerridwen Training Spiral 2 – In-person 2024 – 25

Priestess of Cerridwen Training Spiral 2 – In-person 2024 – 25

Four weekends in Avalon Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

We will be in our new venue in beautiful Avalon.

The content and learning materials will be the same as in the Online Spiral 2 training – please check here for additional information.


During our weekends in person we will build on the basic skills you have worked with in the First Spiral. You will deepen and expand these skills. 

For example, you have learned the basic skills of Sacred Listening, which widens into Good Counsel and then you will use your knowledge of how to connect with the Goddess to hear Her words of wisdom and guidance for the person with you. Some people call this channeling, some may call it a form of oracling. In my experience this process happens when the person with you needs the wisdom of the Goddess and needs for you to be the bridge, the mediator between them and the Goddess. 

You will learn to improve your psychic connection and how to call for psychic information from the guides and helpers. 

You will learn how to ground energy into the earth, especially chaotic energy that may come from clients. 

You will be working on the increased balance and harmony of your divine feminine and masculine energy, so you may bring those together to achieve your soul purpose. Once you have understood this process, you may wish to help others find this harmony. 



Reading auras, sensing imbalances, stuck energy, identify obstacles and obstructions to soul and psychic development in yourself, and then internalize the techniques to do it for others. 

Card/Oracle readings. On this course we work a lot with cards, oracle and otherwise. We believe that these are part of our team of Guides and Helpers, therefore learning what they can be used for and how to apply the knowledge you gain from them is key. 

Remote Viewing 

Learning to protect yourself from psychic attack. 

There will be an opportunity to develop automatic writing skills, if you find you have the aptitude for it. 

Further details on request.

Healing the Soul and the Body

In our healing module you will be building on the skills you learnt in the first year, how to connect with a client heart to heart, soul to soul, how to use sound and toning for healing.

Further information upon request.

Death Priestessing

If you choose this module you will be working towards a whole service process for your client and their family. From diagnosis to beyond the funeral, you will be able to hold space, create ceremony and ritual, be the soul companion the dying person needs, help with their final wishes, conduct their funeral and work with the family towards a healthy grieving process.  


Scent Priestessing

The basic knowledge from the first year of anointing, smudging and clearing fluids is extended this year into a better understanding of the sacred work of the Scent Priestess, a most ancient art that has now been reclaimed by many traditions. The purpose of anointing is to bring forward memories and emotions, to connect with past lives and subconscious influences. It brings us into higher vibrations as smell is one of the most evocative of all senses. Smells make us remember childhood joys, and sadness, which we can then address. Smells can bring us to ecstasy, drive us wild with desire, bring us into sacred soul union with the Beloved. 

These days the powers over us will forbid us to remember and use what we once knew as healing allies and medicine. We once again reclaim this ancient knowledge and blend our own sacred fluids for the delight of our bodies. The Scent Priestesses were the original sacred women who anointed the dying before death to make the transition easier, and after death so the smell would attract good spirits to help them on their journey onwards. 

The sprays that are produced by our Scent Priestesses are used to smudge visitors to the Temple, before and during sacred ceremonies, in order to experience deeper immersion into the mysteries and cleanse away all emotions and feelings that are not helpful. Then the scents will support you in entering and becoming transported into spiritual realms, where you may receive messages and visions for yourself and others. 


The Bardic Arts

Song, poetry, storytelling, writing, painting, sculpting, and sacred knotwork are just some examples amongst many of how  inspiration from Cerridwen flows into our Bardic tradition. We have so many amazing sisters who create such beauty in the world, and you are invited to learn what we can provide for you, and hopefully find what makes you joyful and productive. 

Our latest endeavour will be an album with Cerridwen songs, and a yearly competition to crown the Pen Bardd, the head of the Bards of Cerridwen.


We are druids in our faith, the Goddess Cerridwen is a druid Goddess, and we love the sound of our own, and your, voice, raised in unison to praise the Goddess. 

Sound is  also an important tool for healing, whether your own voice by sounding and toning, keening for the grief over the dying and the dead, or the sound from a crystal bowl, a gong, Koshi Chimes over the body of a healing client, using sound to further activate healing crystals.

Our drums are our best allies in the healing of shadow and stuckness. We will demonstrate how you use a variety of musical instruments for healing. We will encourage you to find your own knowledge, reclaim and rebirth the Sound Priestess is you. 

Rituals & Ceremonies

Becoming a Priestess in the Outer World will place a growing response-ability on you as a ritualist and ceremonialist. You will find requests for meaningful public and individual rituals flowing to you, even during your training. As soon as you step forward into the dedicated status of becoming a spiritual leader in your community, and the world wide community due to Zoom possibilities, your light will shine and people will find you. The training will prepare you by giving you ample examples of conducting live ceremonies and train you in how to create your own rites which are best for your client. The Cerridwen Training holds the mysteries to a range of rituals that are sub rosa (under the rose = confidential) that only we can perform. 

Your tutors for these and other modules look forward to welcoming you, and working with you over this next year.

Initiation as a Priestess or Priest of Cerridwen

Following successful completion of Spiral 2, students are invited to initiate as Priestesses or Priests of Cerridwen.

You have the option of initiating in Avalon, in an online ceremony or potentially at Lake Bala in Wales (additional cost).

Please contact course tutor Bee at if you have any additional questions.

Healing Tools of Sound

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