The Dragon of Fire

The Dragon of Fire

The wheel of the year is changing and we begin to feel the heat, the heat that allows us to carry out everything, the creative force of the sun that rises and in its wake everything returns to being on earth. We come out of the darkness of the wheel to recognize ourselves now, in the brightest of action on earth.  At this time of the wheel of the year the dragons appear to us, with their powerful energy and their mysticism, the elemental dragons of fire are shown to us to give us the strength we need at this time

All dragons have fire present in them but we can find them in each element. There are dragons of water, earth, air, fire, ice, ether and stars, and there are some that we can find only in the astral plane and in some other dimensions, but they all have the element of fire as the engine of life and it is the fire that I want to share with you today.

Much is said about the characteristics fire dragons have –  that fire allows them to do many things; the element that makes them live and for humans also gives us life, makes us start situations, projects and ideas, makes us transmute as humans and evolve, makes life possible for us on a day-to-day basis and as an element gives us the strength to carry out everything.

If the dragons of fire come to you in their elemental form as a more physical manifestation, know that they are an extremely powerful energy and you have to listen to their messages — don’t be afraid of them, just listen.

Red Carnelian is a good crystal for making contact with fire dragons, as is Brown Agate and Black Obsidian.

They are powerful psychic protectors and a good ally to have. If you are under psychic attack you can ask a Fire Dragon to protect you and deflect the negative energy away.

They can appear in all sorts of colours but usually red and yellow.

Fire Dragons are also good at offering wisdom and boosting energy levels.

Fire dragons help you to improve your self esteem, strength, will and to be honest with yourself.

When I went through the First Spiral in the training as a Priestess of Cerridwen, the dragons were presented to me right on this phase of the wheel. Our teacher, Bee, sent us an audio in which she indicated the correct way to pronounce the names of Cerridwen through the wheel of the year in its different phases and at the end, she called the dragons. I was doing my usual meditation in the morning and with the call that Bee made to the dragons I experienced a presence near me. It was a heavy presence that filled the entire room where I was. When I asked him who he was in the darkness of my closed eyes a great eye was revealed to me; it was the eye of a fire dragon that had come to give me a message and to teach me that he was there when I needed him. He was a great dragon of fire who gave me a message and taught me a lot about myself and my life.

But the most important thing that he taught me is that the fire dragon is the primordial element of the cauldron of transformation and at this moment I saw the fire dragon below the cauldron of Cerridwen, our Dark Mother, who leads us to transform our soul, body and spirit in Her big and beautiful cauldron called Awen – She who heals us in Her cauldron. I understood the fire dragon, and his words were:

Come a little closer, you child of the Dark Mother

Come and see my fire on your will

Feel your rage running through your veins since you were created

Feel the passion of the lover who you want to be and have

Touch your deepest desire of life and let me be the spark of your transformation

For I’m the bonfire worshipped by your ancestors, and the spark traveling in time.


I hope this message resonates with you as it did with me; may the fire of the transformation of the cauldron of Cerridwen guide you to find your purpose in this time.

Blessed Be



Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.



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