My Journey into the Spiral One Cauldron

My Journey into the Spiral One Cauldron

As I write this I am reflecting back on my journey through Spiral One. The highs and the lows were the key herbs in the Cauldron of Transformation. Each herb unique in its properties and bringing particular effects and balance to whoever should ingest the brew. This magical brew contained experiences that will prepare me for the next stage of Spiral 2 and for my magical pathway that is being presented before me. I want to share my experiences and give a true taste of the magical brew that I took in last weekend during my dedication as a Sister of Cerridwen. 

How did my pathway to Spiral One begin? How did Cerridwen make Her presence known to me? It all started with the Death Priestess course two years ago and meeting my Death Priestess sisters for the first time. It was during this course that I was able to not only learn about the sacredness of life to death, but also the essence of the Awen and the magical Goddess Cerridwen.   I did not know truly who She was before this point. I had worked with Goddesses from the Egyptian, Greek and Celtic pantheons before, but not Her. I worked with Anubis as my Divine Masculine and Protector deity and still continue this now with Cerridwen along side Him. So far they play well together and team up to have a wicked sense of humour.


So when did She start to make Her presence known? It was during meditations and journeys that I would start to see a little old lady in a black cloak, tunic, long white thin hair with a huge staff. I assumed that potentially she was an ancestor or spirit guide as this happened at the time of discovering my Priestess self. She would appear in drum journeys and wave at me and would appear with Anubis when I did a journey to meet the Morgans. After a conversation with Bee at Samhain, it was like a lightening bolt had struck me, a frying pan to the face, or indeed a cauldron. She said it was Cerridwen and She has been trying to get my attention for a while. I was one of Hers. This then lead to a very long emptying of my brains on the way back up to Leicestershire, my husband listened to me as a revelation was coming to light and emptying as thoughts and words, his poor ears three hours later when we arrived home. It was about a day later I signed the forms and started my spiral journey.


I started online and met so many brothers and sisters from around the world. We shared our thoughts and connection to Cerridwen and this started our journey. Online is a good way to connect to so many people who are on the same journey as you and I loved the flexibility and being able to express your views, thoughts and opinions in a circle with no fear of judgement from any of the sisters or brothers. It was a chance to explore who Cerridwen is and Her different aspects. Also who she is to you. It also gave us a chance to explore who we are and get to know our shadows, learn different skills and the history of the Bards. I also enjoyed learning the Welsh language, I still struggle a little, but I am persistent and stubborn and will keep going with it. I have beautiful sisters who support me with the Welsh language and also support me with my journey of Scottish Gaelic and learning to call in Cerridwen and the dragons in my ancient ancestral tongue. Cerridwen inspires and when she inspires us, it is up to us to follow Her inspiration, to follow Her call from Annwn and trust me, She will persist. She sees our potential and what we can do.


As time moved forward and we moved through the seasons, Cerridwen brought Her challenges. Mine was the death of family members weeks apart and being persecuted for being a Priestess, Wiccan and Witch. It was a time where I played the role of wife and Priestess as I navigated the spiralling waters of Her cauldron. With the help of my family and kin, I came through it and Cerridwen presented myself, my cat Endeavour and my husband with a new life in the Isle of Avalon. I asked Her for a new life in Somerset with my family and three months later I was unpacking boxes in our new house in Somerset. The course was literally happening before my eyes, the tasks and coursework happened in my day to day life. The extracts for reading were a wonderful escape and were very much thought provoking in a positive way and encouraged me to go through approximately two journals and as a result has inspired a love of writing, a form of artwork with words. 


From this point I was able to access the in person training days as I lived closer. This really helped to cement the learning and teaching. It was also wonderful to be back in Her sacred Isles of Avalon. There is definitely magick here that is the glue to Her creativity and inspiration, Her Awen. Being in sacred circle with my sisters and brothers is a privilege and it is an honour to learn from each other and experience our journeys together. It also brought back lovely memories of my journey as a Death Priestess and my initiation as a Priestess of Anubis. What we have as kin is wonderful, a supporting family that you can reach out to in times of hardship and grief. We are a group that comes together to celebrate success and triumph, particularly in that well known establishment across from the Temple in Glastonbury.


You also have the opportunity to explore not only the Lands of Avalon, but also Cerridwen’s home at Lake Tegid in Bala for dedication. This is a weekend that I will never forget. Her sacred land and cauldron is something that made my dedication with my other sisters so special. We were held in Her cauldron and made our vows in such a beautiful place. We sang, danced, laughed and embraced the sacredness of dedication, the sacredness of the words we spoke to Her at Her sacred shore.


The course also opens up opportunities for you to join in with Dark Moon Rituals and aid sisters and brothers in their work to help and heal the community. This gives you a chance to call in Cerridwen, to find your voice and connect with Her essence in a deeper way. To speak of Her to those who come to celebrate the Dark Moon and to seek Her healing from very talented sisters and brothers. One of my beautiful sisters brings her gift of sound and music in a sound bath and this is truly something not to be missed. It is sisters like her who inspire the next Spirals like me, who will come to journey with Cerridwen. 


For those who are reading this and are wondering if you should, the answer is yes. I highly recommend the Spiral One course and I look forward to Spiral Two which starts in December. You will be inspired by sisters and brothers, you will be taken to dark depths by Cerridwen to explore your shadows and who you truly are. You may have to face fears and phobias with courage, but you will also be rewarded with such amazing spiritual gifts not only from Cerridwen, but from the kin. You will be shown such compassion, kindness and support. Your voice will be heard and Bee, our beautiful Adoratrix and Priestess, the lady who began her journey with Cerridwen and together have birthed the Cerridwen Course to bring the Priestess and Priests back to our world. To end their silence and give them voices to bring their healing songs back to our world. To bring back the connection with our beautiful dragons, who want nothing more than to help heal our world and to bring that fire energy back to our souls. To bring back the connection with who we truly are and to seek and discover our soul purpose. 


All of the above events happened to me and this is a snapshot of what happened in Spiral One. It is not a course for the faint hearted and resilience and determination is what is needed to stir the brew of your cauldron. Do not hesitate in filling in your application, if this is the path you chose, you will not be the same person at the end of the spiral, you will be unrecognisable and I say this in the most positive way. I am not the same person and I would never want to be the same person who started at the beginning of the spiral. Take this amazing opportunity if She is calling you. Self doubt and asking yourself “Can I be a Priestess/Priest? Can I show courage in times of fear? Can I show care and compassion with my kin and community? Can I connect not only with the community, but also the kin and who I truly am? Can I show consideration and be part of a co-creation? Can I give clarity to those around me? And finally, can I show cooperation and consistency? If you have said yes, then move forward on your Spiral journey. I am not perfect and I will never be perfect, that would be boring. Most importantly, when you begin the course, always be you; become your best self, become your priestess/priest self.


Blessed be 

Kirsty is a Death Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Anubis and has completed her Spiral one course to become a Sister of Cerridwen. She is about to begin her Spiral Two course. She is a Wiccan and Witch with a passion for divination, ancestral work and research of ancient practices. A qualified teacher, Kirsty is developing learning practices to help others who are interested in the Pagan Pathway.

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