Crystal of the Month: Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is the stone for new beginnings. So perfect for the turn of the wheel at this time of Samhain, the new year, according to the Celts.

Connecting us to the Divine Feminine, Black Moonstone, encourages new beginnings and rebirthing, releases toxic emotions, and inspires love and empathy promotes emotional balance and promotes restful sleep

The Feminine Reflection Stone. These Gray and black moonstones are beneficial for working with the Earth Star Chakra below the feet and also to feel how the new embryo would have felt in the darkness of the womb before birth.

Black moonstone will promote your psychic gifts, especially the Sphere like mine (see pic), egg shaped & Palm stones for scrying both the opalescence, light refractions and striations to divine your messages from Goddess.

Absorbing the light of our beloved Moon Goddess and grounding into the black void of the Cauldron and the at the same time igniting our inner fires with the waning light. 

I feel this lustrous stone calms duality within and soothes the soul, something we all require at this intense time on the planet. A mothering stone associated with both the Mother Earth and Grandmother/Goddess Moon with nurturing and assuring effects, perfect for our Priestessing toolkit. Also most beneficial to use for OURSELVES, as it deflects negative energy, and is a great Touchstone before/during or after we are doing our work!!! 

I associate this magical stone with our beloved Dark goddess Cerridwen as she is both our white lady of magic and mystery, and the Cauldron Goddess, Death and rebirth, transformation & Transmigration.

Black Moonstone Affirmation

Say out loud:I am both yin and yang, I honor each side, my dark & my light. I am integrating the wisdom of both the earth and the heavens. I am safe wherever I am.”


Blessed Be, Sweet Sister’s & Brother’s may you find comfort & familiarity with this rare species from Madagascar!

By @Anastasia Love, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Yogi, Healer, Crystal Master,Thai Yoga Masseur, Ceremonialist, Inspirationalist, Priestess, Creatrix

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