Crystal of The Season – Labradorite

Labradorite and Cerridwen of the Centre ~Duwies

Keywords: Magic Stone ~ Transforming ~ Penetrating ~ Mirror~ Seeing ~ Connection


Labradorite leads you on your spiritual journey, strengthening intuition, revealing hidden talents, mystical femininity and clairvoyance” (as described in our fellow sisters Spiral 1 Card deck booklet by Reti Torelli)


Labradorite (AKA Spectrolite) is a calcium enriched Feldspar mineral first identified in my very own homeland, Canada! It has been reported to be found in Poland, Norway, Finland, Madagascar, China, Australia Slovakia and the United States to name a few.  


Labradorite can appear to be grey, grey-white- greenish, pale, green, blue, yellow & colourless and can display an iridescent effect.


As those of us who have studied Cerridwen already know, Labradorite is the Main Crystal of our Beloved Lady of Magic and Mystery in the Centre ~Duwies.  The crystal with our Direct connection to Goddess. It helps us to sink into our centre and open up to our Multi-sensory being so that we can receive messages, visions and Divine connection to our beloved Goddess and beyond.


Labradorite helps us to become more openminded, and assists to dissolve narrow mindedness in order to see. It acts as a mirror, and assists you to move through your blocked perception so that you can have the self-confidence and self-worth to make magic from a pure place within.


I love to sit in meditation at my Cerridwen altar with the candle lit and either scrying the images, I may see in the opalescence and light refractions, holding my crystal in my hand or lap to ask questions and receive messages directly from Cerridwen. Or laying down with it on my third eye taking me to Annwfyn to travel the Otherworld’s and/or connect me directly with my Ancestors. 


When I utilize this crystal in a crystal healing layout it assists the magic of transformation, so after a major realization, “Aha” moment or shift I place on the 3rd eye so that my client is able to SEE THE MAGIC in astral plane mode. I also LOVE to wear my pendant when I am facilitating ceremony, applying my seership skills or just want that extra support of our beloved Cerridwen on me wherever I go.


Labradorite reminds us to keep it magical by acting as a link to the spirit world, a dimension where everything is possible.  This Crystal encourages us to keep our third eye and Crown chakra activated, here it is ok to “have your heads in a cloud”. 

Your Labradorite crystal activates the inspiration for you to connect to Cerridwen in your quest for a higher consciousness. It bridges the gap between the Annwfyn and physical reality so that your dreams and aspirations are within reach.


 Labradorite is one of the most powerful stones that can support your intentions by encouraging you to go after what you truly want without placing any limits on what you can achieve. Perfect for this Gateway of the year at Winter solstice, let Labradorite Inspire you with your intentions for the new year 2024 ahead, and wear it or include this precious and beautiful crystal in ceremony!


Labradorite helps us to see our shadow self and encourages us to keep our Priestess crown activated assisting us through our transformations in order to access the Truth in our centre in order to do our work from a connected space.


Enjoy these affirmations that I wrote, inspired by the power of Labradorite, which can assist you and your priestess self through this transformative time of Yule.  Hold it close to your heart as a magical  porthole to tune in and feel our Cerridwen Kin and their mutual love and support all around the world ~ You are not alone. Blessed Yule & Blessed Be!


“I invite magic into my life.”

“I am open to receiving creative inspiration. “

“I receive clear creative inspiration from the Goddess directly”  

“I see a mirror of my inner light reflected in others. “

“I am in charge of my own healing.”

” I use my ability to create what my potential holds.”


By Priestess of Cerridwen, Anastasia Love, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Yogi, Healer, Crystal Master, Thai Yoga Masseur, Ceremonialist, Inspirationalist, Priestess, Creatrix


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  1. Thank you for this wise and inspiring lesson. Labradorite will be worn this week as I need some help with getting my creativity juices back so I can write again with flow and ease.

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