Samhain Anointing Oil

Samhain Anointing Oil


In my path as a priestess I have found a great tool in the aromas and textures of the body oils that I use to anoint myself when I prepare for a ritual or celebration and within my path as a witch I have discovered the way in which I can perform my own creations, I want to share with you in this blog the formulas of sacred oils that I have created to walk through each phase of the Cerridwen´s wheel so that you accompany your transit through each phase closer to the energy of Cerridwen using her sacred plant kingdom.

At Samhain/Calan Gaeaf Cerridwen our dark mother transforms us in Her cauldron, she takes us to travel through the darkness of the earth to get rid of what does us no good, to empty us of what does not belong to us and to give us new life for the new cycle of the wheel that we will soon follow. Lets start.
To enter into this transformation it is necessary to be aware that Cerridwen sustains us, and that our flame of the spirit gives us the strength to renew ourselves in Cerridwen.We are going to obtain that strength with this sacred oil that we are going to prepare to move into the darkness with the help of the sacred plants of the herbal kingdom of Cerridwen.

The recipe is:

To create this oil, it is ideal to integrate herbs that belong to the element of fire since they are what give us the will and strength to move through this dark phase of the earth.

In a container, place a neutral vegetable oil, for example grape seed (if it is organic, much better.)

In that oil, place a pinch of yew, cinnamon and roses and 3 pumpkin seeds that represent the three rays of inspiration or the awen that will lead us to find our inspiration to renew ourselves in the Cerridwen cauldron.


Use this sacred oil this season from Samhain to Yule, to meditate by placing it on your heart and solar plexus, use it to anoint your candles this season, to anoint your work tools and share it with other people in the circles in which you assist, that way the Cerridwen cauldron of inspiration and transformation will expand.

I hope you liked this recipe, see you next time.


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