Cerridwen Time of Blooming – a guided meditation

Cerridwen Time of Blooming – a guided meditation

In this beautiful, short guided meditation, Priestess of Cerridwen, Reti Toriella, will allow you to connect deeply with the Beltane energies of the land.  You will experience the warm, dark, fertile soil in the presence of the Dark Mother, Cerridwen and be reminded at this time of new beginnings that “life can get better and more abundant than you have ever imagined!”.

Take 10 minutes for yourself to relax and restore your body and spirit guided by Priestess Reti’s calming, inspiring voice.

Images in this guided journey are Priestess Reti’s original artwork.


Reti Toriella, Priestess of Cerridwen, Estonia

Reti Toriella

I am She who loves nature and forests, runs across the fields with the fox, paints and prays for life. Art therapist and Soul healer.

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