The People’s Health Alliance – A callout to Holistic Health Practitioners

The People’s Health Alliance – A callout to Holistic Health Practitioners

I’m excited and delighted to introduce you to The People’s Health Alliance (PHA) which was birthed in the UK last year, co-founded by the incredible Katherine MacBean.

I happened to see a Zoom call Katherine made in the Spring last year, introducing her ideas and was completely blown away by her vision and passion – it made me cry and filled me with hope and excitement at a time when most of the news was pretty depressing and the future was looking bleak.

It’s nothing short of miraculous how far Katherine and her team of volunteers have come in this short time. Her approach has been met with such enthusiasm, that there are now 25 countries wanting to adopt this model.

I was privileged to hear Katherine speak in person in October last year in Wells, UK, had a chat with her in the tea break and immediately joined my local PHA group in Glastonbury which meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings.

I imagine that many of you reading this blogpost will be priest~ess healers or other holistic healers or therapists, or at least have an interest in natural methods to maintain and regain health. The PHA offers a wonderful opportunity for us to come together in our local communities as health practitioners and healers, bringing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support.

What attracted me initially to train as a Priestess of Cerridwen was that course tutor, Bee Helygen, explained that the Priest~esses of Cerridwen served their communities rather than a temple. Listening to Katherine speak about a grassroots, people-led community resonated strongly with me and more so when she shared her beliefs about the importance of emotional and spiritual support, mental health care and a special focus on supporting young people who are suffering disproportionately in what can seem to be a very uncertain, frightening world.

I have ‘cherry-picked’ a few aspects from the PHA website which I feel will be of most interest to you and finished with an interview with Katherine by the amazing astrologer, Pam Gregory.


Extracts from the PHA website


“For The People, by The People

An organic, people-led, integrated health initiative that aims to educate, support and empower people to take responsibility for their own health.


An integrated approach to health.

Utilising allopathic and holistic treatments, harnessing nature and re-discovering traditional medicine.


Prevent rather than treat.

Shift the paradigm from treating dis-ease to creating health.


Community Health Hubs

It’s time to get back to community living and supporting each other.


Work with us

We’d love to connect with you if our ethos resonates with you. Join our practitioner directory or reach out to us at if you’re interested in collaborating.


Health Optimisation Programme

The healing journey starts here. We have created a comprehensive whole healing protocol for anyone suffering with sub-optimal health conditions. This will evolve over time but is a great place to start.


Are you an alternative NHS?

No, we are a people-led movement that encourages local communities to set up their own local hubs filled with knowledgeable practitioners who offer a range of individualised health services. 


I am a practitioner – what will I get by joining a community hub?

As a member of a community hub your contact details will be listed in the Practitioner Directory, giving you access to patients looking for your services. You will work in an ethical, patient-focused primary care setting with others pursuing the same vision.  All services will be supported equally – conventional medicine will work alongside holistic therapies – to offer a true integrated approach to health.


Hubs in the UK and Republic of Ireland

As of September 2022 there are over one hundred individual community health hubs in the UK. Each PHA hub is established by local communities coming together to offer local health practitioners. Every hub is different according to their local community and run by local people. Hubs may also be at different stages in their evolution, from just starting out, to up and running in their own premises.


International Hubs

There are over twenty-five International organisations around the world, and many will have their own Telegram channels and websites. There is a dedicated PHA International Telegram channel.”


Active Facebook group The People’s Health Alliance with many people asking for holistic advice.

Section for articles – only two so far – I wonder if anyone can think of another good source of holistic, dare I say, priestess, articles?!

Practitioner Directory – awaiting Priestess Healers!


Interview with Katherine MacBean of the People’s Health Alliance

Astrologer Pam Gregory (she’s incredible – do check her out) interviews Katherine MacBean of the PHA. Pam starts by speaking of the Aquarian Age and the importance of Community and grassroots movements. Katherine tells of how as the NHS (National Health Service in the UK) continued to struggle, with patient waiting lists getting ever longer, it became obvious that something needed to be done and for the People to take back power from the Government and to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. 

Here is an extract:

“The PHA is very focused on creating community health hubs and we would love to see them dotted in every single community across the UK” [things have gone international since this interview was recorded!]. “It’s run  by the people for the people and very much incorporates the knowledge, the skills, the age, the essence of holistic and natural approaches to health. So, for many, many years, holistic practitioners, from all modalities almost, have been pushed into the shadows. PHA is very keen to ensure we bring these people back into the light because of the knowledge they have, the love they share, the approach they take to a whole healing. This isn’t just about your physical wellbeing, it’s about your emotional, your spiritual wellbeing as well.”

In case you’re thinking, ‘I’m happy working in the shadows’, or it’s all happening without the PHA in any case, that’s all good. However, for those to whom the PHA appeals, I’m happy to let you know about it! 



Meantime, back at the Glastonbury PHA hub, last month we started creating our Practitioner Directory, last meeting a nurse demonstrated some basic First Aid skills and next month we’re focusing on creating our own website of resources to share with our community. There will also be a series of holistic fayres with practitioners offering sessions on a donations basis for people to explore different healing options.

I hope this inspires you to join your local PHA – check out their website and join your local hub on Telegram for more information.


Sidika, Priestess of Cerridwen

Glastonbury, UK

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