The Magic of Black Moonstone with Suzie Kincla

The Magic of Black Moonstone with Suzie Kincla

Here is our wonderful Suzie Kincla with a fabulously informative video on all the properties of the crystal Black Moonstone. These include how the crystal can help with re-birthing, self-discovery and positive change as well as lots more.   Enjoy!

Suzie Kincla, Trainee Priestess of Cerridwen, Chester UK


As a child, Suzie was always fascinated with crystals, trees, plants and the natural world.  She began to look more closely at holistic therapies when she left college, training over the years in Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Seichem and some shamanic practices.  She found she was naturally drawn to healing work but always felt there was something more, something missing, something to draw all her work together. 

And then one day, whilst searching on the internet the online Priestess of Cerridwen programme appeared.  It was the answer she had been looking for, she found herself drawn to the work of the Priests and Priestesses.  In September 2021 she began her journey with Cerridwen, dedicating as a Sister in October 2022 and continuing her journey now in 2023 hoping to initiate  as a Priestess later this year.  She can be found using her learning alongside the work she carries out at her business Suzie K @ the Secret Garden in Chester, where she is often found running classes, events, working with individuals or just holding sacred space.


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