Cerridwen’s Brew Mineral Elixir

Cerridwen’s Brew Mineral Elixir

Priestess Eréndira de Rincón introduces her high potency elixir.

I used to work with minerals and their properties and on the path of my first wheel of Cerridwen two years ago, I discovered many properties that Cerridwen’s mineral world gives in a magic way, so I created an elixir of 9 master minerals that lead us to travel hand in hand with Cerridwen -Cerridwen’s Brew, a one-of-a-kind sublingual tool that opens our senses and connection to the magic realm; It is ideal for use before the creation of spells, astral journeys, rituals and celebrations and also as a spell enhancer.

Way of use: 3 drops sublingually when you want to regain the confidence in yourself and your magic, recover the will to create and when you are in a creative process.

9 sublingual drops to ritualize, guiding meditations, teach classes, to lead circles of power, woman circles and also for enhancing your spells.

13 sublingual drops for astral travel, deep meditations, detachments, and as protection and guidance or focus before taking power plants and for doing oracling and embodiment.

Cerridwen’s brew contains the essence of the 9 minerals of the first wheel, water from the chalice well and Mexican mezcal (alcohol) as preservative.

You can buy Cerridwen’s Brew Mineral Elixir from Priestess Eréndira’s website.

Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.

Website: ereshkigaleren.com

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