Grounding and Centring with Loki Dreamweaver

Grounding and Centring with Loki Dreamweaver

Gift yourself with time to receive this wonderful grounding and centring practice from Loki, Priest of Cerridwen in training. Loki draws on his shamanic knowledge to create a wonderfully healing journey which will restore the soul. 



Loki Dreamweaver – Brother of Cerridwen

Glastonbury, UK

Loki Dreamweaver

I’m Loki Dreamweaver shamanic guide, energy worker, channel and holistic fitness coach. I’m closely connected with a team of spirit guides, Goddess & God, animal guardians, the Arcturians and angels. I walk a spiritual path and have devoted my life to the healing of humanity and the raising of Consciousness. My work has taken me deep into the realm of healing the Masculine and Sacred Union.

I have passion for life, healing, empowerment and love to live in harmony with nature and all beings on our beautiful planet Earth.

You can find me on Instagram: galactic_dreamweaver

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