House of Cerridwen Revolutionary Healing System

House of Cerridwen Revolutionary Healing System

Dear Cerridwen Family,

It is with great joy and service that I come to share with you a healing system Mother Cerridwen has returned to us called ‘The House of Cerridwen Revolutionary Healing System’. A system that assists in healing and restoring divine innocence, wholeness and the essence of your true Being. In the House of Cerridwen, you are released from trauma on all levels; balance and a return to joy are your birthright and are found once more.

Mother Cerridwen gifts us this healing system to heal people’s shadows, especially the Mother’s Earth children who are eager to step forward into the Golden Age and whose shadows/lower ego/wounds are stifling them. It is shadow and ego hand in hand that creates self-sabotage.


A little information on the healing

Mother Cerridwen states that the focus is to heal one’s Inner family. The Inner family being:

~Inner Child

~Inner Feminine/Inner Masculine

~Inner Warrior/Nurturer/Wise One.


Contemplate these questions:

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Is there any aspect of your life that has stagnated?

Do you have recurring Illnesses?

Mother Cerridwen over-lights every aspect of the healing system draining from the spine blockages/traumas/wounds into her Cauldron of Light. The healing can be either in-person or long distance and is completed over three sessions taking one aspect of the Inner family each week as shown above. 

When the initial healing system is completed, a six-month maintenance session is available in a group setting.


Message from Mother Cerridwen:

‘I offer to you my children the Healing Light of my Cauldron to drain away all that stops you from standing and being grounded into who you truly are. So many have heard my call and have responded. This brings great joy. It is time to step into your joy, into your service as you respond to the call my children. KNOW — I Love you and I will never abandon you. Embrace the light of my Cauldron. Within the Shadows I await I am here and watch over you.’

Mother Cerridwen. 

By Miriam Shekinah Guinevere. Mother Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven. Priestess of Cerridwen.



There are two people who I acknowledge deeply who have helped and supported me in so many ways.

Bee Helygen sister, mentor and teacher. The one who held me in such unconditional love when I became ill throughout my Priestess training. Bee held me whilst in the cauldron, in the womb of the Mother with patience, understanding and love as healing was taking place. I am forever grateful to Bee for her wonderful teaching and guiding hand.

Chrystalle Ariel a renowned Metaphysician and Seer who firstly introduced and encouraged me to do Mother Cerridwen and Bee’s Priestess/Priest training.

In my second spiral training of Priestess of Cerridwen, Mother Cerridwen’s messages came through the Book of Records to me relayed by Chrystalle Ariel. Mother Cerridwen revealed step by step and gave the details and techniques of this remarkable healing system. Her modality is to be called The House of Cerridwen. I am forever grateful to Chrystalle Ariel for pointing me in the direction of Mother Cerridwen’s Priestess training. 

Lastly, my deep love, praise and gratitude to Mother Cerridwen who never left my side whilst I became the brew in her cauldron cleansing and healing whilst She held me in Her deep loving presence.  The blessings of Mother Cerridwen’s Cauldron. We are never alone! 


‘It is true the Mother will always place all the help and support one needs as we walk our Path to and with Her’ In surrendered trust and faith, Miriam x 

Sacred Raven


To make a booking or if you would like more information, please contact:

Miriam Shekinah Guinevere

Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven-Priestess of Cerridwen


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  1. Truly a marvellous gift, dear Miriam! I can feel how deep and heartfelt your offering is 🙏🏻Sending you so much love!❤️

  2. Alex, thank you my dear Sister for your lovely comment 💖Mother Cerridwen love us all so much 💕

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