A Gentle Summer Bite Remedy

A Gentle Summer Bite Remedy

At last, that time of year has arrived when we are all outside a good deal more soaking up the sunshine, topping up our Vitamin D, and enjoying the lush greenery and gorgeous array and scent of tree blossoms, garden blooms and wildflowers around us now.  Not forgetting the graceful grasses.  

So too are the ‘bitey-things’ as my grandson likes to call them, our buzzing, winged creatures who are busy flitting through their life cycles; and in doing so we are likely to cross paths with them as we venture out. 

Then there are the occasional wild and garden plants which may cause an irritation after touching them and then exposing the skin to the sun, such as Chrysanthemum and Iris.  For people with particularly sensitive skin, it is advisable to wear gardening gloves when handling plants, vegetables, and some varieties of fruit with an irritant sap. 

 We are naturally drawn to enjoy nature’s bounty, and Cerridwen as Swynwraig, keeper of herb and plant lore, guides us in our relationship with our local nature; and likewise She teaches us how to care for ourselves and our natural world.

So here is a quick and easy home remedy that can be made up and kept handy in your bag for the duration of the warmer months.  This can be used as a repellent on exposed skin (avoid near the eyes, nose, and mouth), and also over bites and heat rash to soothe the area.  In addition to Glycerin as the carrier fluid, you can choose between Witch Hazel or Rose Water as a cooling agent.  This recipe will last for up to one year.      


Items you will need: –

10ml roller ball bottle

10ml measure jug (from a medicine bottle will do)

Funnel and pipette (if needed


Choice of carrier fluid:

  • 9 ml Witch hazel plus 1 ml Glycerin – or
  • 10 ml Glycerin & Rose water (my choice here)
  • 2 drops of Vit E oil (as a preservative)

Essential oils:

2 drops Lavender (healing, anti-bacterial)

2 drops Lemon (cleansing, antiseptic)

1 drop Eucalyptus (repellent, especially good combined with Lemon)

1 drop Peppermint (cooling, soothing, anti-itch).


NB – the quantities in this recipe are mild, but those with known medical conditions are always advised to check before applying essential oils to the skin. 

Ruth Llyn

Merry Meet & Blessed Be


Ruth Llyn Cogan

Priestess of Goddess Cerridwen, Bristol, UK

Ruth Llyn CoganA Priestess Healer in the Avalon tradition.

A Priestess of Goddess Cerridwen.

A Death Priestess.

A holistic therapist.

A Founder member of the Bristol Goddess Temple.


I work consciously with the gifts of Mother Earth and the teachings of Cerridwen to support my healing, ceremonial and spiritual work, and crafting.  As a person, I am nurtured through the love of my Goddess, the guidance of my teachers, and the fellowship of my sister circles.

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