Cauldron of the Dragons: Calling an Air Dragon

Cauldron of the Dragons: Calling an Air Dragon

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Yule is the time when we enter stillness, the perfect time to discover ourselves in hibernation and within this time we have the ability to maintain control and inner focus before the awakening of the earth.

In Yule, the element of the air is present and helps us to empty ourselves of everything that does not belong to us; with this element we can clean our aura, our energy and our body.  Air also helps us to reclaim our ancestral lineage, the lineage that comes from the stars. 

Yule is present at the cardinal point of the north, where we find a great connection with the Goddess and with ourselves.  And by seeing ourselves clearly, we can work on the spiritual level with everything etheric with which we have contact. It is here where we can establish this contact and claim the joy of being able to conjure our ancestral lineage from the stars through the dragons of the air.

When we invoke an air dragon to work with the great qualities that it gives us, it show us our ability to communicate with that ancestral kingdom since, if they are presented to us, they root us in the subtlety of the spirit and they allow us to work with them in meditations, journeyings, and they appear to us in dreams.  They are our guides in astral travels, they awaken our intuition and show us superior beings that are within us in connection with the primordial Goddesses, the weavers of the web, the source where everything is found and from where we start to recognize ourselves.

The dragons of the air are present in Yule and help us to work in the mind with reason, focus, equanimity, mental health, creativity, planning, development and structure of ideas, and with our intelligence. In the body with the brain, lungs and respiratory system.

The best places where you can find the air dragons are in the mountains, in the treetops, in the clouds, the storms and in the steam and in the cold of the weather changes, but also your thoughts, dreams and ideas.


Meditation and Invocation of an Air Dragon

I want to share with you a meditation and invocation to work with an air dragon in this Yule season.

Do not be afraid to invoke an air dragon.  When we are ready to work with that kingdom, they let themselves be seen, they are closer than you think and if some of them want to work with you, they will show up. Honour that moment , honour its name, and honour their strength. Give them thanks for being with you at that moment, whether it be for a few seconds or weeks.

The most important tool we have to work with the air is our breath, that divine breath that is given to us when we incarnate in this dimension and that triggers the magic of our purpose. With our breath we can make great spells, so prepare your space to receive your dragon.

Magic supplies are essential when we have magical practices and with those we can make incense that is a very powerful tool to conjure our dragon; I would like to share this recipe to create an incense to call an air dragon.

Use some resin from either copal or myrrh and combine it with some dried birch leaves.

The birch is a very beautiful tree that contains the calm of the dragons and it is the tree that helps us create a portal with them because it is said that dragons love birch branches to sleep on.

Mix your resin and incense and place it on a burning charcoal to begin your journey to discover your wind dragon.

If you are allergic to incense or charcoal you can use pulverised birch leaves, take your time to make a connection with the leaves and when you pulverise them make contact with their portal essence of the birch and ask the leaves to open the portal to the dragon of the air when they feel your divine breath. 

Play some music that allows you to enter into meditation.

Activate your incense on a charcoal disc and ask it to hold you and help you summon the dragon from the air.

If you are using the powdered birch leaves spell, place them in the palm of your hand.

Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

Feel how you enter in meditation through your breath, feel the air through your nose, going down to your belly and out through your nose. Breathe in and breathe out until you feel in deep peace, visualise that you are sitting on a cliff feeling the air that surrounds you, feel the power of the air in you, take a deep breath and exhale with your divine breath saying the words draig aer, dragon of the air.  If you are using the spell of the leaves after saying these words blow the leaves to the wind.

Wait in that meditation with that peace and open your heart for the wind dragon to appear.

When the dragon appears, give thanks to the dragon and to you for being there and wait for the message of the dragon of the air.  Just listen, let the dragon take its time and when the dragon decides to go, it is the perfect time, never put pressure on a dragon.

The magic and connection with the kingdom of the dragons are not always immediate.  If you fail to call the dragon of the air in your first meditation, don’t worry you have the entire Yule phase to try.  And if the dragon appears straight away you can work with it in meditation every time the dragon wants to get to work with you. Remember that you can call the dragon to work with the mind and reason, focus, equanimity, mental health, creativity, planning, development and structure of ideas, intelligence, lungs and respiratory system.


My Experience with an Air Dragon

Dragon or Air
Painting by Eréndira

I would like to share with you my experience when contacting an air dragon for the first time. At the beginning, all the dragons that came only showed one eye and little by little, as I worked with them, I have completely discovered their bodies, colours and size.  When the air dragon came to me it gave me this message:



“I’m the whisper of your dark mother

The conscious voice who guides you through the dark

The keeper of your secret that nobody knows

I’m the accomplice of your soul travelling between the lives

The mist on your hands revealing the path

Sing my song, open your throat and recite to your dark mother those divine enchanted words.”


It is very common that when we venture to establish a connection with the dragons we receive at the beginning only a communication in riddles, that is how the dragons mark their communication and closeness. If we continue working with them, they will have more confidence and they will talk to us in clearer ways.


So here is a riddle for you to have a go at experiencing  communicating with the dragon realm:

“Only one colour, but not one size:

Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies;

Present in sun, but not in rain;

Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.”


Tell me about your experience with a comment right here or leave me your questions or doubts.

Have a blessed Yule with love Eréndira de Rincón


Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.


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