Mother Cerridwen Gifts through her Cauldron

Mother Cerridwen Gifts through her Cauldron

Guidance from Mother Cerridwen

A message from Mother Cerridwen channelled by Miriam Shekinah, Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven.


As I rise, I feel the darkness as if it is still night.

She calls to me – all dressed in black.

Into the dark void, within my heart,

What is this energy, Mother, where is the light?

She beckons me deeper, no light in sight.

As I fall deeper into my heart, I see a shimmering black light.

It reflects, as I begin to look into it, the pains of my heart.

I hear her say, ‘Release into my cauldron all your worries and fears for this is Yuletide where great healing and light can appear.’

I call her closer, for I know ‘the pain’ that can lead me to distractions and mistakes.

I look into that shimmering dark void and surrender my pains to her and begin to see the steps of forgiveness for self and others I need to take.

The darkness is still here in the heaviness of today, but I come to understand there are gifts in this which gives me quietness and solitude, a time to reflect – in the long dark nights as her cauldron light glows.

The Innocence of joy. Freedom and acceptance bring the magic and mystery of Yuletide as our cauldron journey unfolds.

Mother Cerridwen


Miriam Shekinah Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven. Priestess of Cerridwen

Painting by Reti Toriella, Priestess of Cerridwen

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