Sharing the Sacred Song of Connection

Sharing the Sacred Song of Connection

Every morning I feed the birds in my garden and then, standing beneath my Hazel tree, I say the Lady’s Prayer. I feel the cool breeze of autumn, the leaves dance and flutter down onto the damp earth. Often it is half-light, the between, the earth beneath my feet sodden, its rich aroma fills my senses. I feel free standing here in nature, surrounded by trees, birds and insects, rooted to the earth, this is a precious time and a liminal space.

Each day the first bird to greet me is a little Robin. He never fails to appear and often sits on a branch very close to me, tilts his head to one side and looks at me. I speak softly to him, he listens for a few seconds and then flies to the birdfeeder, sometimes he sings, and I hear the echo of another Robin in the distance replying to his call.


Some days he flits back from the feeder and sits on a log near me as I perform Cerridwen’s prayer, he watches in silence.

This morning I called for him and he appeared on his usual little branch which is about a foot above my head. I spoke to him as I always do, softly, telling him how beautiful he is and how wonderful it is to be greeted by him daily. I opened my heart to him and could feel the love from my heart space surrounding his little body, we were connected by a thread, a thread of the web of all existence. He listened and looked at me intently. When I had finished talking to him, he began to sing, not his usual song which is often to another Robin; no, this time it was quiet, and I felt it was just for me. He sang for several minutes, much longer than usual. I stood in silence absorbing his beautiful energy and his sweet voice.

I felt connected to all things, all nature, I felt Cerridwen’s presence deeply, I saw the spirit of the Hazel, which was gentle and comforting and the Robin, was a bridge, a bridge between the mundane and Annwn (Otherworld). The veils are thinning, I feel it, it is approaching the time for us to enter the Goddesses cave. Here we sit in silence and darkness, take time to reflect on this past cycle and place into her Cauldron all the shadows that are tethering us to old patterns or shadows that do not actually belong to us, yet we have carried them around with us since childhood. It is a time to rest, reflect on all we have achieved and the gifts we have received, a time to prepare for the return of the sun and consider what is Cerridwen calling us to do, are we listening ready to respond? Listen to her voice in the darkness, hear her whisper in the breeze, connect to the spirit allies and feel their energy, where are they leading you? Are you ready to follow? Take this time to rest and prepare to do her work, the work she is calling to you to do.

The Robin reminded me to be grateful for all I have received, for family, friendship, my Sisters and Brothers, for all Cerridwen has revealed to me and for the responsibility I have to do her work, to stand up for her land and all that lives within it. To continue to walk in nature, feel my roots entwined with hers, to spin a web of love and compassion and protect the Earth in whatever way I can.

Blessed Be.

Raven Tree, Priestess of Cerridwen, Surrey, UK

Priestess Raven Tree

My connection with Cerridwen is through nature, she speaks to me through the tree spirits and animals, rivers, oceans and mountains. Her presence is all around me and for me, walking or just being in nature is a reminder of her strength, beauty and power and her undying love for me.

I believe my path is in service to my community, and particularly in protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants. This includes simple tasks like buying green where possible, recycling and educating others. I have been a Vegan for nearly two years now and believe this is not only helpful in protecting our planet but is a small step in preventing the pain and suffering of all animals for they have souls, feelings and emotions too.

I am a healer, Bach Flower Essence practitioner, Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner and a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.

And throughout all of these runs Cerridwen’s presence and guidance.

I love writing poetry and find this is a helpful way to express deep held emotions, what is going on in the subconscious mind and as an expression of my deep connection to nature and Cerridwen.

With Blessings,

Raven Tree


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