Cauldron of the Dragons

Cauldron of the Dragons

My name is Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader. Over the next months, I will be sharing with you my journey with dragons which emerged from my Priestess of Cerridwen training.

Through my path of magic I have always had a lot of respect for magical beings , I always ask for permission to enter the portals by ringing a bell.; My experience with magical beings has been very good. I have known the strength of elementals by studying their characteristics but most of all because, in the magic that I practise, I know the elemental points and their characteristics well and I know my elemental points and my characteristics well., I believe that it is this knowledge that has made me connect with magical beings.

But I never imagined that some of the most magical beings would notice me, much less that they would be making contact with me., I always thought that you must be a very special human for dragons to want to get close to a human.

I guess I did something right!.

A couple of years ago, I started the Cerridwen training course, created by Bee Helygen in which we meet Cerridwen in all her faces and with all her allies. It was when the fire entered the wheel, that Bee taught us to call the dragons. Until then, I  used to do my morning journey dedicating it to only two goddesses who are very important to me of course one of them is Cerridwen. 

Never before had I consciously felt inspired by the phase where the fire enters the wheel of the year I had always noticed it was very tiring for me. Then one day, I dared to call the dragons through my work with Cerridwen and I felt something like never before when practising magic, something that triggered my new passion for the Craft and that I continue to discover and understand. 

At that moment sitting in front of my altar, having made that draconian call, I felt how the presence of a great ancestral force flooded my room so much that it did not fit, I didn’t see him but I know he was there and that caused me a lot of emotion and desire to continue practising, exploring and especially studying the ancient dragons.

That’s how it all started with the confidence in my beloved Cerridwen who held me when I called those great and magical forces; and with that great emotion that I still feel discovering and honouring them. And I feel very blessed to know that they notice me. 

I want to share with you the experiences I have had through my work with Cerridwen learning more about dragons, studying them and the way they appeared to me. I am very grateful and I feel very blessed to be able to have contact with these wonderful beings. To start, I want to share the magical words that triggered my path with them, the words that my dear guide and friend Bee Helygen taught me. 

“Dreigiaud yn ymddangos i mi.” 

Welcome to The Cauldron of the Dragons


Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.


Dragon painting by Eréndira

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