Bee Helygen – Swynwraig

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From early childhood I have been in contact with the spirits of plant and tree. As a four year old I regularly left the house to climb a tree and gaze at the full moon, much to the disgruntlement of my father, who had to retrieve me at 4 am in the morning. My grandfather, a gitano, would take us into the woods at night, because it was after dark that the forest came to life. He made us sit still, all four of us, to observe the animals, the trees and the Others. Speaking to a tree when times are tough is second nature to me. Tree spirit wisdom is a healing comfort and guidance in my life. Early on in my life I was to meet the woman who taught me to heal with my hands and later, with my aura; first myself and then others. She guided me when my Sight came in at age 14, after the shock of my mother’s sudden death, and kept me from thinking I was going mad. My beloved mother was a faye being for whom life on this planet was just too much, but she left us in good hands with Weini, a wise woman, who knew much and had a remarkable following in our village. I remember people turning up on the back doorstep of our house, consultations in the kitchen with covert exchanges of ‘things’. I can’t remember ever having been to a doctor when I was young but I remember, with a shudder, the brown bottle with thick bitter liquid that came out every time one of us was poorly. None of my siblings or myself ever pretended to be ill to skip school.
As a healer in Goddess House I use some of that knowledge to help the people who wish to heal their body and spirit. We believe that dis-ease comes from the soul, and manifests in the body, and it is there that we must look for answers to help. Using tree discs, cards, crystals and the elements; sounding and toning for detection of imbalances in the body’s flow of energy and to scry for obstacles and blockages, I can find the physical manifestation of the emotional pain and soul disconnection. I can assist on your path towards healing yourself.  Even if the seeker is not aware of the root of their dis-ease, it can be detected with intuition and soul-to-soul bond.

Bee Helygen
Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen
Swynwraig – Wise Woman (Wales) at Goddess House Glastonbury
Ovate at OBOD
Awenydd (Inspirer) at ADO
Crystal Healer, Bach Flower Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Path Working, Counselling

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