Dea: Wise Woman Taltos


Dorina (Dea) is a creative Mystic, Channel, Priestess and Temple Dancer currently living in the UK. She is the co-founder of The Temple of Sacred Arts Mystery school.
Her lineage of Taltos (shaman) and medicine woman, set her on the healer’s path from an early age and led her to pursue her passion for healing with herbs through the study of medicinal and ritual herbalism. Her specific interest is in herbs traditionally used for initiation and spiritual growth, as well as promoting self awareness and feminine healing.
She has been working with Ancient Egyptian Goddess
wisdom since 2009, when she initiated as a Priestess in Philae. She enjoys continuing work with the ancient Egyptian Goddesses ever since.
Magical and ritual herbs
At the conference I will introduce you to some of my favourite ritual herbs and we will discuss the plants medicinal and magical properties, proper and safe use in a ritual setting, explore indigenous traditions and also stories of each herb.
I am looking forward to taking part and sharing my experience with you all.

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