Witches’ Memorial Walk 2022

Witches’ Memorial Walk 2022

On Sunday, 30 October 2022, Bee Helygen and priestesses of Cerridwen gathered at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple to begin a walk around town to honour those women and men living in Somerset (the county where Glastonbury lies) who had been tortured or lost their lives during the witch trials.

This was the sixth year that Bee had led this ritual walk. Last year we were joined by perhaps 30-40 people. This year, as more and more people piled into the Goddess Temple, Bee suggested that for Health & Safety reasons everyone waited downstairs in the courtyard whilst the priestesses called in Cerridwen from the balcony. 


Some recollections and reflections:

“Six years ago I was not encouraged by many people in the Goddess Community to talk about witches, it was somewhat frowned upon. There was a fear place about the term and the concept. Reluctantly, I was allowed to use the Temple’s Hall to gather there before our walk. We did a lovely starting ceremony to the walk, in which we explained our reasons and our desire to right a long-overdue wrong. After the walk we had apple juice and biscuits.

This year the walk was far bigger than ever before. This came in the wake of the announcement that in Scotland the people convicted for being witches were posthumously pardoned by the Scottish government.

When we first started this endeavour, we wished only to highlight the names of those never named apart from in infamy. Later, I had my Broom Sister tattoo, created by Suzi Edwards Goose, showing my allegiance to one named sister. Now over one hundred women and men carry this tattoo in memory of the perpetration of injustices, the committing of dreadful cruelty towards, and the killing of wholly innocent women and men. 

Lest we forget….”

Bee Helygen


“I was (characteristically) last out of the Goddess Temple to join my sisters on the balcony for the calling in and looked out in astonishment at the throng of faces below – there must have been in the vicinity of 150 people packed into the courtyard and ready to remember and honour our wise women witch ancestors. As I took my place next to my black-clad, drum bearing sisters lined up in silence on the balcony, the atmosphere was electric and ancient.

As the steady drum beat began to reverberate through the cold night air, we began our calling in. I went last, calling in the centre. A wave of energy passed through me making me shake so much that I needed to hold onto the railing to stop myself from falling over. With some of us carrying lanterns and incense burners we drummed our way down the stairs, through the crowd and onto the High St to begin our walk.” Sidika, Priestess of Cerridwen

Witches' Memorial Walk 2022

“It was an account of sombre moments yet gifted with song in memory and empowerment of those souls who lost their lives to bigotry and prejudice and a lack of understanding of core values of human existence that lived in said souls hearts.” Susie, Trainee, Priestess of Cerridwen


“I nearly didn’t come to the Witches Walk as I wasn’t feeling very well but I decided that a cold wasn’t going to stop me.  When I arrived I went up to the Temple but it was very crowded.  I didn’t realise until I stepped out into the courtyard how many people had turned up.  Last time we did it we had about thirty people and we thought that was quite a good turnout but this time we must have had about 150-200 people.  It was just amazing.  As we drummed up the High Street Bee handed me a lantern and I walked out in front.  I was incredibly proud to be leading this wonderful procession of people and Cerridwen spoke in my ear saying “You are the light.  Lead others into the light” or words to that effect.  The whole walk was intensely moving and emotional and all the Priestesses did so well reading out the names and drumming and singing.  It was just such a profoundly beautiful event.”  Janet Parfitt; Priestess of Cerridwen.



“The turnout for this year’s Witches Memorial Walk was impressive to say the least.  With eager faces, the people looked up at the balcony as we, the Priestesses of Cerridwen, invited our Goddess to join with us.  As we walked around the streets drumming and calling out the names of the lost, the energy and emotion continued to rise and we were joined with chanting, cries and song.  People travelled from far and wide to honour this night of remembrance, and one couple from Newport shared their feelings and gratitude with me on the importance of this event.”  Ruth Cogan, Priestess of Cerridwen. 


From Monika – Sister of Cerridwen:

“I was asked by Bee on the day if I could do the calling in one of the directions in the Temple and then later on reading names of the prosecuted at our first stop on the walk at the Assembly Rooms. In my mind I was thinking there might be about 20 people attending, so yes, I am comfortable with the tasks. 

In the time leading up to the start of the Witches’ Walk and realising there was no spaces left in the Temple and we all step out on the balcony, seeing the sea of faces in the courtyard, made me slightly unsteady on my feet as I was not expecting so many people to turn up. There was no backing out now! We all started to drum together in unison and when it was my turn to do the calling in, my voice slightly trembled to start with, but then I felt like Cerridwen was standing behind me and I felt all my sisters standing with me on the balcony and my voice became steady and clear.

I was honoured and humbled to have read the names at the first stop at the Assembly Rooms. UI felt a chill on my back as I was hearing my voice reading each of the names and reasons for the prosecution. I felt there was a deep connection of all who were present with the herstory / history of all who were prosecuted on these isles. The whole evening was a powerful, emotional and intense experience.”

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