The Way of the Knots – Micro-Macrame Jewellery by Monika Kralj

The Way of the Knots – Micro-Macrame Jewellery by Monika Kralj

Monika and course tutor Bee Helygen talk about her passion for creating sacred jewellery using crystals and knot magick.


Monika shares how her micro-macrame jewellery came into being in this short piece – ‘The Way of the Knots – Crystal energies intertwined with knot magic

Prices range from £40 upwards, depending on the piece and the level of detail.

The Way of the Knots

The Wheel of the Year Tree necklace

This is quite a statement piece, ideal to wear in a ceremony or ritual and use it as an art piece in the display frame while not in use (the display frame can hang on the wall or stand on the shelf).

The necklace has a picture jasper with two moonstone beads and two red jasper beads and it represents all the seasons – spring with light green leaves, blossoming in the summer with deep green leaves, transitioning into autumn with purple and brown leaves and resting in the winter with bare branches. Only to be rebirthed in the spring with the first little shoots of light green leaves.

The energy of this necklace is a powerful connection with Mother Earth and all her beings. Just like the tree, it is rooting us deep into the womb of our Mother Earth, supporting us, comforting us, nurturing us. This deep grounding energy then brings us the stamina and strength that is reflecting the power of the tree.

The tree necklace is £125 (including the display frame) + pp and it has a sliding knot at the back, so you can adjust to your liking.


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Monika Kralj, Trainee Priestess of Cerridwen, Bristol, UK

Monika Kralj

Monika is a weaver of wholeness, a healer, a witch and a holder of sacred space. In her approach with clients, Monika uses a blend of Earth based spiritual practices, shadow work, hypnotherapy, inner child healing, ritual, ceremony and sound healing. Also a recording sound artist, Monika creates personalised meditation and relaxation audio tracks for complementary business to support their sound branding.

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