The Seed by Elisa Gray

The Seed by Elisa Gray

I sucked my thumb.

And now I am not what I seem to be.

I am Gwion yet I am a seed, I am here to germinate and yet my journey’s end will not be the same as the seeds that I fell upon.


Am I Gwion?

Do I even exist anymore?

Or has the powerful brew I drank reduced me down to a speck, a spark

Life itself?


I dropped from the sky where I had flown.

O yes, I flew!

Can you imagine it?

I soared through the sky on feathered wings, my clawed feet grabbing at the currents of air beneath me.

I swam and ran and that’s where it had started,

The spots of the Awen burned me and I sucked my thumb

And she,

The woman who made the brew.

She chased me in many forms.


And now I think I’m outside of myself, but inside of myself;

inside her.

It’s warm and dark and I feel another shift,

I’m melting, turning into the soup of creation.

My atoms swirl and dance in this soft tomb,

It’s full of stars!

I am dead

Yet I am alive.


I feel new organs forming within the pulp of my flesh.

A new brain, one that thinks and knows more than it did before,

I have arms, legs, I can stretch out my tiny fingers and touch the cord that binds me

To her.

My mother, my murderess, my magical queen.

I slumber in the cauldron, I am what she created.

I am safe inside.

But when I am born……..


Thrust forth from her cauldron, born of the Awen twice.

My creator looks down at me, a dagger in her hand.

But she cannot finish what she has started for I am her and she is me.


I gurgle and coo and she melts, as I melted, she shifts, as I shifted.

She softens and smiles and transforms from my murderess to my mother.

And I, as I had when all this began, stared up at her and sucked my thumb.


Elisa Gray

Elisa M Gray - Sister of Cerridwen

Elisa M Gray, Sister of Cerridwen

Glastonbury, UK

Facebook Page: The Way of the Shamanic Witch

Elisa is author of the book “What Maketh the Witch’ and is a traditional eclectic witch and advanced shamanic practitioner. As a published writer and artist, she is a strong advocate of the old ways of witchcraft as well as one of the cunning folk. Elisa holds witchcraft courses online for both basic and advanced witchcraft.

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