Priestess of the Dark Goddess – An Invitation

Priestess of the Dark Goddess – An Invitation

Women are a Primordial Force of Nature 

Not energy – Force! 

Like the raging waters of the great falls across the world, women have maintained the flow of life and death since the beginning of humankind.  

It is only for a few millennia, not even a blink of the eye as far as our time here on this planet is concerned, that we have been disempowered, ‘put in our places’, made to be second class citizens. Only when the men understood the process of the magic of the creation of life, did we become so much breeding stock rather than sacred birth givers.   

In the recent months, there have been numerous changes to the role of the woman in society, quietly destroying all the progress we have made as women in this world. Slowly but surely we were regaining the rights that had been taken from us — even in our mothers’ time we still were suppressed.  

Now we have become mechanical dolls, ‘chest feeders’, ‘parental unit’, ‘birthing person’, and our sacred Vulva of life giving power has become ‘the bonus hole’.  

Many of us have awoken a long time ago, spoken up against the dangers that we were facing – we had become too strong, in positions of power, educated, knowledgeable, outspoken. First we had to give away our femininity, but as time went on, we learned to balance the part of us that was strong with the magic of the beauty way.  

We once again became loud and proud, eco activists trying to save this planet for future generations, making sure our descendants still had air to breath, clean waters to drink, good earth to grow healthy food.  

Did you think that this was all about gaining power over the men? Then you would be wrong 


How did we do this? How did we find the (w)holy grail again, our sacred inner Temple, where our soul and our courage resides? 

We went on a quest, we became like the Grail Knights of old, we sat in circle our example created the notion of the Round Table and we spoke our truth. We worked and fought together, we were stronger together, no one could come between the Sacred Sisterhood of the Rose. We are not damsels in distress who need to be rescued from the tower of our own ineptitude and inertia.   

History will try to tell you that only the men went into battle for the light. Does that feel right to you? Do you not feel the Sacred Rage when you see an injustice being done? Are there not the tales of Boudicca, Jean D’Arc, Mary Magdalene, the women who fought and taught? Who preached peace but knew how to protect?  

Deep within you lies the Sanctum Sanctorum, the inner Temple.  

The Inner Temple


The ancient stories speak of this place — in the Temple of Solomon, the great Temples of India, the Temples of the Egyptians, and so many more. Each telling us that somewhere in these Temples, in the centre of the building, there was an inner, secret, hidden Temple, veiled from the eyes of the deceivers and the mundane. That place also exists within us, and as we journey around the wheel of the Dark Goddess, we will explore our own hidden places, find the gold deep within, our courage to act, the sacred rage that fuels our transformation.   

Never will we allow those who think they are in power to gain access to this sacred secret part of us. We will stand, fight for the right to be the Grail Knights who save the Wounded King, our consort, in whatever form that takes. Only by being completely in sync with ourselves, only by knowing ourselves well, and loving ourselves unconditionally, can we seek the Grail for all humanity.  


Are you ready to meet your Hosts?  

Cerridwen, Lilith, Hekate, Morgana, and Nephthys are awaiting you, each has a chamber in your heart, each holds out the grail to you, to drink from their sacred brew, to receive the vessel of your soul from them and rediscover what was lost to you, the pieces of your soul.  

In the centre, awaits your…….. in good time, Beloved, you will find out!  

Priestess of the Dark Goddess

Only when you are soulwhole will you receive the Sword of Truth and Justice from the Ladies of the Inner Temple, the Dark Goddess Sisterhood.  

May the Blessings of the Dark Goddess Sisterhood be upon you.

If you feel the calling, deep in your soul, you are invited to join the new ‘Priestess of the Dark Goddess’ training with Priestess Bee Helygen. This is an online course starting on 21 September, 2023 with an optional 4-day experience in Avalon in April, 2024. Contact Bee at to arrange an interview. 


Bee Helygen

Adoratrix of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Llwyth


Bee Helygen - Priestess of Cerridwen


Bee is the creatrix and course tutor for the Priestess of Cerridwen training which has been running as part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple since 2015. This year she opened the Temple College of Avalon here in Glastonbury and added the Priestess of the Dark Goddess training to the offerings. Full bio

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