Priestess Activist – Finding a Balance

Priestess Activist – Finding a Balance

I am a priestess and an activist. Only a few years ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be either! Only a few months ago, I thought my activist activities were going to prevent me from ‘qualifying’ as a priestess or at least in getting through all my priestess coursework prior to initiation. I told myself again and again that my activism was also in service to Cerridwen as great Dark Mother, protector of the land and all its inhabitants – and in my case, protector of the skies, the stratosphere and all that lives and passes through there. Secretly though, I knew I didn’t have the right balance and was trying to ‘do it all’ myself rather than calling in the power and support of my mighty Dark Goddess – crazy I know!


Birth of an Activist and working for Stop Ecocide

My time as an activist started in April 2019 with the death of an incredible woman called Polly Higgins. Polly was a lawyer who, one day in court, looked out of the window whilst defending a corporate client, and had an epiphany – she realised that Mother Earth needed a lawyer to defend Her from the exploitation and pollution she was enduring – and she, Polly, was going to become that lawyer. She proposed making Ecocide a crime at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. She set up an organisation, Stop Ecocide, and confronted Shell in the Hague and was shortly afterwards diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

At that time, I was part of an online ‘Power of 8’ group sending healing by intention. One of our members heard about Polly and we intended her healing for several sessions. I felt a strong connection with Polly, even though I had never met her, and was devastated to hear of her death on 21 April, 2019. I immediately emailed her organisation and offered my help in whatever way would be useful – primarily through my skills in communications. To my surprise, they accepted. I attended Polly’s funeral in Stroud, UK – quite possibly the most heart-rendingly beautiful funeral I’ve ever been to – and shortly after, began working with Stop Ecocide.

Polly had written a book called “I Dare You to be Great” – it was out of print at the time but I had access to some of the text and audio recordings. I listened to Polly’s soft Scottish accent in awe and began chatting to her photo on the Order of Service I had propped up on my desk – she became like a spirit guide for me.

I worked with a passion, often late into the night. I woke up dreaming about ways to get the message out to more people. My workaholic tendencies had found a new frontier – in short, I became a martyr to the cause – putting my activism above my service to my existing clients and, more importantly, above my own personal needs and self-care. This was not the first or last time that happened!


Harmful Radiation from 5G and other EMFs

(Note: These views are not necessarily endorsed by those in the Priestesshood of Cerridwen)

I had been aware for some time of the detrimental health effects of electromagnetic frequencies on human, animal and plant health and was very concerned about the prospect of the global rollout of 5G technology. I did what I could (not very successfully) to have Stop Ecocide recognise 5G as a form of ecocide – the dramatic decline in the insect population over the last few decades being one example – no more stopping to wipe off dead insects from your car windscreen in the middle of a summer journey as I remembered from my childhood. (And no, that’s not just due to increased pesticide use). Bees have been shown to abandon their hives when radio frequencies have been introduced, birds lose their ability to navigate and there are many reports of flocks of birds found dead on roads and pavements – inexplicably, but for the recent introduction of 5G technologies.

It’s not just 5G with its higher frequencies that is the problem, existing 3G and 4G have also been found to be extremely detrimental to health. These frequencies are pulsed and polarised, different wave formations from natural radiation such as sunlight. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) produced by radio frequencies used by the Telecoms industries are radiation – the higher frequencies proposed but not yet implemented are in the microwave frequency range – think about the implications of that for a moment!

There is much scientific debate about the safety of 5G – the Telecom industries and the Mainstream Media assuring consumers that 5G is perfectly safe and that being able to download a movie to your phone in a few seconds rather than a minute is an imperative in modern life and that everybody wants to be whizzed around in driverless vehicles – but what if ‘Computer says, No’ and doesn’t let you go to the destination you had in mind? And what about the headache, and feeling of pressure that you get when driving on the Smart motorways and being zapped by the countless 5G masts needed to stop multiple pileups?

There is a mass of scientific data showing the dangers of 5G but much of the information is censored forcing people to use channels other than Facebook, YouTube and mainstream media. If you want to know what’s going on, you need to dig deeper and look at alternative video platforms such as Bitchute and newspapers such as ‘The Light Newspaper’. Campaigns by huge groups of international independent scientists to call a halt to the rollout of 5G (and now also 6G) until it is proven safe (that won’t happen!) are being ignored.

In his book, ‘The Invisible Rainbow’, Arthur Firstenberg shows how the introduction of each new component in the electromagnetic spectrum has been met with a health crisis epidemic. You can read a synopsis of his book here. Arthur Firstenberg is also very vocal in his warnings about the proliferation of 5G satellites in space which, apart from causing space debris and disturbing our view of the night sky, mean that there will be nowhere on earth that doesn’t have a good Wifi connection – this might sound like a good idea unless you are sensitive to EMFs.

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is becoming increasingly common as levels of EMF pollution increase, but it is only in a few countries that EHS is recognised as a disability. EHS symptoms can be completely debilitating forcing sufferers to retreat to remote areas and protect their homes and their bodies with shielding materials. All of us, however, are being affected by the invisible electrosmog which pervades much of our environment; though our different sensitivity affects whether or not we show symptoms. Many mild symptoms such as skin redness, fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation and digestive disturbances may not be recognised as being caused by exposure to WiFi and other EMFs.

It can be hard work as a campaigner, delivering flyers, knocking on doors, giving public talks. There is such a dependence these days on (can we say addiction to?) mobile devices – it can be difficult to persuade people of the danger and the need to limit their exposure and protect themselves (and especially their children) from the harmful effects of EMFs. There are simple experiments you can do – try growing a tray of cress next to your Wifi router for 2 weeks and having another tray some distance away – that should convince you to investigate further.

Internationally, court cases are being won and damages awarded proving the damage caused by mobile phones (e.g. brain tumours) – read the small print from your mobile provider warning you not to wear your phone on your body. In the UK in February next year, renowned Human Rights lawyer, QC Michael Mansfield will be taking the UK Government to the Royal Courts of Justice for a Judicial Review arguing that, amongst other things, the Government has not commissioned research to show the safety or otherwise of 5G technologies. Read more here.


My Escape to Glastonbury

Returning back to my journey as an activist…

Following a talk in Bristol where I was living about the dangers of 5G, I offered to help the talk organiser deliver some flyers and then when she moved abroad, found myself much more involved than I had ever anticipated. Bristol was designated a Smart City and a leader in the rollout of 5G and I was working around the clock helping the campaign to object to the numerous planning applications for new masts. We were very successful and many mast applications were refused, but still many masts went up. I was in constant daily communication with my fellow campaigners (many of them women concerned for the health of their children and the environment) – they became like a family to me, united in the cause.   Unfortunately, however, my dedication to the fight against 5G was having a detrimental effect on my family relationships (even though I felt I was doing it to protect their well-being) and on my own health – I was exhausted and burnt out.

I left Bristol and moved to Glastonbury where I was drawn to following my healing and spiritual path, and to escape the effects of 5G – Glastonbury Town Council had adopted the Precautionary Principle in relation to 5G preventing any deployment in the town unless it was proved safe. A year after I moved, however, the first planning application for a 5G mast in Glastonbury appeared on the horizon. Once again, I was in the thick of it. As with all things, even the worst situations have their positive aspects. Many of the campaigners sitting round the table in Glastonbury were also the most spiritual, heart-centred, courageous people I could hope to find and many have become close friends. As a healer, psychic and/or priestess, we work to develop our sensitivity and that unfortunately also means that we are likely to be more sensitive to the effects of toxins such as atmospheric pollution including EMFs.


Priestessing Skills and Finding a Balance

Within a few days of moving to Glastonbury, I found myself in the Goddess Temple and at the end of the week, to my astonishment, found myself embarking on the Priestess of Cerridwen training. I had met with Bee the previous day and just knew that I had to stick around her! I guess that was Cerridwen whispering in my ear, but I didn’t realise it at the time. I had had no intention of following the priestess path in this life, but when I asked myself how I could best be of service, Cerridwen crooked her finger and beckoned me over. Dark Goddess of transformation, witches, shaman, death and rebirth ticked my boxes.

The going was not smooth and once again my involvement in the cause was taking over my life and having a negative impact on my health, paid work and this time also on my priestess studies. I had come to realise over the last couple of years, particularly as the world situation became every crazier, that the only way out was to go in. When it became increasingly obvious that I couldn’t trust what I was being told by the established institutions that most of us rely upon, I needed to go in and ask my Higher Self and Cerridwen for guidance.

I ask for Cerridwen’s guidance and protection. I’ve adapted the Lady’s Prayer we say as priestesses and in our training to include an element of protection – “Cerridwen, protect me and give me the insight, strength and courage to see and do what needs to be done.” I have stepped back considerably from active involvement in the Stop 5G campaign after yet again hitting burnout and now feel the need to focus on inner activism – dealing with my own shadow and working more with focused intention and creating the reality I want to see in the world. I believe there is a balance between outer and inner work – there is a place for taking action to preserve our health and freedom, and also a place to witness every challenge as a gift to mature us and recognise ourselves as sovereign, as Goddess/God.

My wish is to stand with my priest-ess sisters and brothers as Guardians and Protectors of all that we hold dear – to explore what outer actions are needed to do this and also what inner ways are needed. How can we best work on ourselves and on our relationships on the microcosm level so that the effects ripple out into the wider arena? How can we use our priestess skills of grounding and centering, sacred listening, intuition and other psychic abilities, healing, creativity, understanding of death and rebirth to support ourselves and our communities?

Cerridwen, in this Season of Air, I ask for your inspiration and guidance to help protect all that live and breathe and to keep our atmosphere free from all forms of pollution.

So mote it be!

A Priestess of Cerridwen


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