Gorse – The Playground for the Fae

Gorse – The Playground for the Fae

Slip and Slide

hide we go

through the many tunnels

under the Gorse hedgerows

laughter and play

the young Fae play,

respect our dwelling

I hear them say.

If you hinder our place

in any old way

you may feel a bit confused

by the end of your day

for the beauty of our flower

is our Mother’s protection

do it at your will,

our giddiness may be your affliction.

Not all Mother’s Plants

are for Human consumption

for She needs to care for all of her Children.

The birds and the Bees

from the Daisy to the Fae

there is a bountiful harvest

all under Her Gaze.

The Gorse in its protection

gives wonderful play

to the Fae of our lands

in the Spring of her time

protecting playgrounds and tunnels galore.

To the Human mind

it gives joy to behold as it signals the start of long summer evenings – from death to rebirth, a time of great joy and a time to give thanks for our Wonderful Earth.

A word of warning comes

for all to see

We need to look deeper

if we want to succeed in sharing the Lands with the Mother and all of Her Creation, We are all Her Children from the birds to the bees.. it’s not only for Humans for we are only a part of it.

Under the Mother’s Cloak

a blanket of many colours

a space for everyone

within Her embrace.

A humility is required

in all lives equal.

Your place is guaranteed

under her stars.

Just remember we are one part of that.

Respect is needed for all life on Her Lands.


Miriam Shekinah – Mother Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven. Priestess of Cerridwen

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