A Guide to Connect with a Dragon

A Guide to Connect with a Dragon

 Priestess Eréndira continues her magickal journey into the Cauldron of the Dragons.


Connecting with the Elements and their Dragons

At this time, as we enter the phase of the wise and healing Goddess, I would like to talk about how to establish a connection with a dragon.

Magical practice has taught me to be patient so that the processes take their natural course, but when I started working with dragons I understood that the process with each one of them is totally different since we can find dragons of all kinds. The Elemental dragons are the most common; I would like to tell you a little more about elemental dragons so that when you establish a connection with one you feel their energy and get to know them better.

The elemental dragons were created before the earth was tangible, they were present in the creation of the universe and it is said that the first Goddess who laid the great egg that we now know as earth was a Dragon, Tiamat the goddess of chaos and creation. But we’ll talk about her another time.

The moment of creation occurred when the first sound in the universe originated – that first sound in some traditions is an OM, and for those of us who walk the path of the Goddess it is an aaahhh, the sound that gave rise to the primordial Goddess Anna. At that moment of creation, the elements were located at a point of what was being created as earth, and in that earth those elements were present to sustain, give life, heal, activate and teach us to always have the moment of creation present in every aspect of our life.

We as humans also have elements and when we learn to feel the phases of the earth we can transform our reality by our will and this is the true meaning of magic; as magical beings we can maintain closeness with the herbal kingdom and the mineral.

But when we are aware of our magical reach on earth, the veils are revealed to show us a beautiful dimension that has been there since creation and this dimension connects us with the elemental beings. Having a connection with the elemental beings is not easy, much less easy to have a connection with the dragons, but when you want to make a connection with the dragons, the first thing you have to know is that the work is hard but the gifts are immense.

Today I am going to reveal the secret of how to call a dragon and I am going to tell you more about its qualities and how you can maintain communication with them.

Welcome to the cauldron of the dragons!

Before I give you my recipe for summoning an elemental dragon, you need to know a little more about them and the gifts they have for you when they reveal themselves to you.

The elemental dragons have specific characteristics and through these characteristics they give you the gift of healing, strength, equanimity and wisdom, and help you to evolve.

When I began to travel the wheel of the year of Cerridwen, I discovered the dragons in Her energy and in every work with Her cauldron. Every time we traveled through an element with Cerridwen the dragon of that element was presented to me, so it was through Cerridwen that my love for the dragons began.

Cerridwen taught me how to identify every dragon in every element and in every Goddess face.

Qualities of the Elemental Dragons

The dragons of fire have red colors, ranging from almost black wine to a soft orange.

When they present themselves to you, you can feel their strength and power in the solar plexus chakra.

They help you to work with your willpower, your determination, they help you to determine what you have not been able to carry out, they help you to regain security and confidence in yourself and that what you are doing is well done, they guide you to have passion for everything you do and allow you to carry out everything that does you good.


The dragons of water have blue colors that range from the dark blue of the universe to the most soft aqua of crystalline waters.

When they are presented, you feel their strength and power in the throat chakra, since that is where we reflect our emotions.

The water dragons help you to unlock the emotions that you cannot let go, they show you how to clean your body in an energetic way, they support you when you have a physical health process and they help you to make this process easier for you.

They hold you up to do magic.

They heal your subtle body.


The dragons of the earth have colors from deep brown to the light gold of fine sands and from the deep green of the forest at night to the soft green of the first buds in the snow.

When they appear, you feel their strength and power in the root chakra –  this is the chakra that holds you with the earth itself and usually when this dragon arrives you can feel the strength on your shoulders as if it were perching on you.

The earth dragons come to you to support you and teach you to grow in what you want, they help you to have more wisdom to evolve, and they support you at times when you need to be rooted, they give you emotional, sentimental and financial stability.

They guide you to have more adventures in life and discover your own development.

They heal your physical body.


The dragons of the air appear in yellow colors ranging from the yellow of sunflowers to the soft gold of a ray of sunshine. They can also be transparent or the color of the rainbow.

When the dragons of the air arrive you can feel a wind that moves you from side to side and it can also give you chills.

The air dragons arrive to open your communication to what you need, to help you recognize, transform or rediscover yourself.

They help you to have even thoughts and firm decisions.

They guide you to have contact with divinity.

They give you mental health.


Spell to call your Dragon

Now that you know the characteristics of the elemental dragons you are ready to call your dragon with a spell, but you have to consider that the dragon that appears is not your choice – it is the one you need, the dragon that helps you to work with your priority at this moment.

You also have to consider that as I told you at the beginning, you have to be patient and if it doesn’t come the first time you have to implement a constant practice for it to appear; all magic is a process and in this case you are working with the process of beings that have a force of will and that they will present themselves when they feel that you need them.

To call your dragon you need: a mineral that you want, water (preferably from a holy well), a candle and incense. If you have an allergic reaction to incense, you can use a leaf of a tree or a bird feather.

Create a space on your altar and set those elements in the following order: in your left hand hold your mineral, on your altar place the candle in the middle, the water on the left side and the air on the right side, prepare to go into meditation. Put on some music that helps you stay focused in your meditation, take three deep breaths and immediately after the last one, breathe all the air out and repeat:


Dragon, dragon, dragon

From this land that is holding me I call you (holding your mineral)

With this water that purifies me I call you (splashing some water around you)

With this air that connects me with you I call you (passing the incense, feather or leaf around you)

With my voice, my mind and my heart I call you (and while you say this you light the candle)


Return to your meditation, close your eyes and let the candle burn down as you inhale and exhale and feel your breath more and more as you allow the dragon to present itself, open your mind and heart and receive your dragon.

When one arrives, receive it with gratitude, remember that it is a great blessing to have this contact and if it arrives, keep working with it so that little by little you will deepen your work and you will discover yourself more. 

I hope you liked my recipe to work with the elemental dragons. If you want to tell me how this magic unfolded, leave a comment below this text or if you prefer follow me on Instagram and send me a message.

Elemental Dragon

I want to share with you one of my favorite dragons that I have been working with.This dragon was a gift of one of my sisters of Cerridwen and this beautiful dragon was with me throughout my journey to my initiation as a Priestess of Cerridwen. My dragon gave me the strength, the guts and the love I needed in that moment traveling alone through continents with many emotions in my heart.


Have a blessed Imbolc, with love Eréndira de Rincón


Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.

Website: ereshkigaleren.com

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