Cerridwen The Seer – Gweledydd

Cerridwen The Seer – Gweledydd

In this season we turn the wheel to the North, the place of Air, of breath, of intuition – insight – inspiration – the time of Mam Ysbrydoliaeth: Mother of Inspiration and to Sacred Soul Seership.

In our story, Gwion catches the three drops of Awen and is immediately imbued with all the knowledge, all the wisdom of all the ages, seeing the future in which he knows that Cerridwen is on her way to destroy him, and he takes off with her in hot pursuit.

From this part of the story we surmise that those who have been partaking of the cauldron’s brew of inspiration are also able to tune into the web of the universe and see what the energies are showing us. This is the realm and the connection of the Seer with the unseen realms. Some of which lie within and some lie without.

The Seer has the bird’s eye overview, also seeing betwixt and between. Sometimes the visions come to those who are psychically able but have no formal training, so do not know how to protect themselves against some of the information and pictures they get or see. It can be dangerous to ‘see’ into the Otherworld without appropriate protection. In the Celtic tribes, the Seers would study for a decade after having been picked for showing early aptitude. I started to ‘see’ when I was four. I knew things, described events and generally freaked my parents out with some of the statements I made. Cerridwen helped me over the last 20 years to hone my skills and improve my accuracy. We are all psychic because we all have a soul and an inner spark of divinity.

I recently had a client who had a past life in which she had been killed by her supposedly beloved. When I saw her, she was lying in the moorland, her throat cut. I won’t get more graphic but the image has still not left me, even after weeks. Thankfully I always protect myself before a session, therefore the violence did not touch me. I felt the sadness that permeated the soul in this life and was able to guide the client to a peaceful restitution and resolution of that situation so it no longer affected this life.

Whether we use the Oracle or Tarot cards, the elemental scrying method reading flames, water, crystals or smoke, runes or ogham staves, look into a crystal ball, or watch the flight of birds, read tea leaves or coffee dregs to name only a few methods, everything gives us information in a supernatural way.

One of my favourite tools is my pendulum. I check the direction designation each time I use my dowsing pendulum. I ask it a question where the true answer is yes, and watch the spin movement of the pendulum.  Then I can work with the client, knowing the crystal is properly calibrated. I can trust my ally.

Seers are universal, every culture, every society, even now, has their Seers. It makes my heart glad when I can help someone with what I can see. Often situations are very complicated and the client can’t see a way out of their difficulties. I swear by the efficacy of the cards, I draw five for each client, and those cards will be able to give the guidance the client needs.

I also draw cards for myself and if they are not favourable, then I tread very carefully that day. I also draw three or five cards from different decks, asking the same question of each. The cards then either align to give me very specific guidance, or they weave a story of the outcome for me. I often get the five cards that compliment each other and clarify in detail how I go forward.

I have a great number of decks, a bit of an obsession of mine. So how do I choose the right deck? I use my trusty dowsing crystal and ask the simple question: is my name Bee? Then I watch which movement comes forward. Then I go to my deck shelf (oh yes I have a shelf full of decks) and ask the crystal: “ which five decks do I need to find the information for this time/situation/event?” Then I run the dowser over the decks and where it gives me the deck I take it and stack it in the order they came out. Then I take them one by one, shuffle the deck, pick a card and lay them down in order. When I have five I ask my question again and then turn the cards one by one. This will then tell me the answer I need to my query and very often the cards have a similar message or compliment each other, giving me greater detail. Whilst I look at them I also call on my guides and helpers to come forward with additional information I might need.

Another way of Seership we work with is sacred and lucid dreaming. If I need guidance from the astral realm I ask a question before I go to sleep. Often I find an appropriate crystal to support my venture and I place it next to my bed. The dream I want comes and I step into it, ‘see’ myself in it and begin to direct it so I get the information I need. This is very similar to the way Shamans describe the way they journey for their clients into the Underworld and bring back healing and knowledge.  

Try recording your dreams, whether they are waking, lucid or prophetic.

Watch out for synchronicity, omens and messages. This world is full of magic, embrace it and make it your own.

If you would like to develop your Seership skills, I have just started running a monthly online class – Sacred Soul Seers – Psychic Development Group online with Bee Helygen – check our Calendar for the next class date.

Blessed Be


Bee Helygen

Adoratrix of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Llwyth


Bee Helygen - Priestess of Cerridwen

Website: cerridwen.co.uk

Bee is the creatrix and course tutor for the Priestess of Cerridwen training which has been running as part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple since 2015. She also runs the Death Priestess training and is a celebrant and Avalon Soul Healer. Full bio


Painting of Cerridwen by Eloisa De Feo Colonna

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