Be the Light of the Mother Love

Be the Light of the Mother Love

A light that shines in the morning glow,

An embrace of the warmth embodying your soul,

A touch,

A feel,

A smell,

A longing to be.

The experience of being in the womb of the mother that we all seek to achieve.

A flow of safety,

Nestled in love,

The rhythm of the heart allowing our world to flow and not be overcome by the vibration of love that can scare some.

Oh How! Oh How did I allow this feeling to go? You might ask as I step into Her embrace.

For in the heart of the mother lies the womb and the gift of the soul.

A place where all miracles live, create and grow.

The darkness of the nothingness, 

The void of creation and flow of the dark

Brings us only to the remembrance of the truth and fear we allowed ourselves to feel.

A journey back to the womb

Is a journey back to the heart of who you truly are.

Into the darkness we are all invited to go, to embrace the texture of the mother that lies in all our souls.

We must open to see

The Miracle,

The Love,

The Beauty,

That lies and is created for all to be open to receive.

Go back to the mother, the womb in the dark, to remember the miracle that has been disconnected from the heart.

Embrace that spark and let it grow to see

The LIGHT you are and are meant to be.

For now is the time for all the see

THE MOTHER OF LIFE IS IN EVERYONE.  A Gift of LIFE given to Humanity.

Embrace the unconditional mother in you and spread the love through and through. 

So blessed be.


Rebecka Gregory – Trainee Priestess of Cerridwen


Rebecka Gregory

Rebecka Gregory CHt looks at herself as a Light Expression Alchemist, a cosmic tour director being that light for others as they find themselves thru their dark and home to the heart of who they are. This is the most beautiful gift, holding space for someone as they take the dive in to say YES and are free…Learn more and explore at


Painting by Rebecka Gregory

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