Willow tree in Glastonbury Abbey grounds, image by Bee Helygen




“Gallows wood, coffin weaver”,

The fearful whisper,

Behind their furtive hands.

They quake to hear you cracking, 

Creaking, snapping your jaws to

Catch them fast, in a

Weeping without end.


Yet, tree of the poets,

Your wood births harps.

Divining rods from your branches

Guide the true Seeker,

As your tenacious roots quest 

To discover hidden water.


Your gift of charcoal draws

My daughter’s visions, 

Her hand moves across the paper

As your fronds caress the stream.

The weaver makes baskets for 

Apples and cradles for babes.


Perfectly balanced, you stand

Between two best-beloveds.

Patient water gently lapping you,

Delivering the kisses

Of your Lunar lover on

Rippling reflections.


Watchful Willow, you wait between the worlds.

Holding the key to unlock the Unseen.

Did you learn your healing arts

From the whispering of elves?

Or did you once hold a place

In the Court of Annwfn?


I bring my secret sorrows, hidden joys.

You bend your back, leaning down

To catch the confidences,

Rocking me in your leafy embrace.

You sing of highs and lows, of ebbs and flows,

Of endless new beginnings…


Gail Spiritstar Roberts, Priestess of Cerridwen

Gwynedd, Wales

Gail Spiritstar Roberts - Priestess of Cerridwen

Gail Spiritstar is a Priestess of Cerridwen and an Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid Order. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Gail has always known in her bones the essential, deep connection with nature and a love of wild places. She has been consciously following a path of nature-based spirituality for 35 years. Gail moved to Wales in 1995 to train with the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. She is an experienced actor, singer and storyteller. Gail now lives in Southern Snowdonia, not far from Llyn Tegid, Bala. As a Priestess she enjoys serving by co-creating ceremonies, building community and…anything else Cerridwen may require!

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