Sa Re Ga Exercise

Sa Re Ga Exercise

An exercise used regularly on the Priestess of Cerridwen training is the Sa Re Ga 7 Sounds of Love Meditation developed by Chloe Goodchild and demonstrated in the video below. It’s so powerful that we’d like to share it with everyone to help you keep healthy during the winter and beyond.


Course tutor Bee says: “I am convinced that this exercise, taught to me in 2011 by Chloe herself, saved my life. Her work Awakening through Sound is an excellent all round introduction to the power of healing through your voice. We have a lot of fun with our groups doing this exercise and there is always absolute awe when the students realise the power of their voices in unison. We send healing out into the world for wherever it is needed with this work, as we are community Priestesses and Priests in Action.”  

And here’s Bee singing the exercise with daughter Charlene demonstrating.

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