An Interview with Priestess Karen Grainger

An Interview with Priestess Karen Grainger

Meet Karen Grainger, Priestess of Cerridwen in training, who is based in the north-west of England.  Karen is in her second Spiral of her training to be a Priestess of Cerridwen.  She tells Priestess Jules about how she came to Goddess through an encounter with a Temple Melissa on her first visit to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.  The Melissa happened to have exactly the right knowledge to help Karen to work through some difficulties she was facing at the time.  Karen talks about receiving an unexpected direction in the form of the word “Labyrinth”, which popped into her head.  The search for the meaning in this message led her to walk to a magical and little-known circle of stones above Lake Bala.  These sacred steps first set her feet on the path to Cerridwen…


Karen also shares about her passion for creating and working with labyrinths – read her article ‘Labyrinth – a Spiral Dance‘.


Karen Grainger – North West, UK

Karen Grainger

“Karen Grainger lives in the North West of the UK and is a Priestess of Nemetona, ‘Daughter of Brigid’ and Priestess of Cerridwen in training, currently training with course leader, Bee Helygen.

Karen’s work is creating sacred space for others, whether that be hosting a women’s circle, death cafe, being celebrant for a handfasting or other special occasion.  She is also co-founder (with Willow Moon) of Wirral Pathways Festival, which runs bi-annual online and in-person events with national and international speakers from the world of Paganism.  For details see the Facebook page WirralPathwaysFestival

Karen is owned by a white chihuahua and black cat – very yin and yang!

To contact her and details on celebrant work, see her Facebook page Cariad Seren

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