Cerridwen of Fire

Cerridwen of Fire

In Cerridwen’s story we come across gross injustice and discrimination against a boy who is different. His mother silently witnesses the suffering of her child and frets about how she can make things easier for him.

Her rage is fuelled by her feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Each time she sees her child slighted by others because he’s different, she can feel the fire of rage burning, it adds fuel to her anger.

Fire of the stars, fire of the returning sun. Warming of our bones, warming of bones of the earth.


Cauldron Fire of Community

Cerridwen is the keeper of the hearth fire. In every house there once was a hearth fire that brought together the family, friends and tribe. This fire was the fire of companionship, of shared food, laughter and community. Nowadays this fire has become electric or gas but the warmth of the community it represents is still present.

We still sit around the hearth to share news, views, camaraderie, unity, and harmony.

Her fire of love and compassion is what fuels our passion for bringing Her name back into the world, to bring back Her way of building a Kin that connects global Priestesses and Priests in a woven web of magical mystery.


Fire of Inspiration- Fire of the Awen

Whatever it is that gets your juices going creatively, this is the season to fire you up. Our Beloved Goddess inspires us in more ways every day. It is not just the wonderful paintings and images she sends into artists’ eyes. According to legend, for millennia Cerridwen has been the light at the end of the mental tunnel for poets and writers of stories. When you wake up one day and feel the need to put pen to paper, when you see entire stories like movie sets in your head, when a persistent voice whispers in your ear tales of warriors and knights and faeries and witches, you are hearing Cerridwen.

If you are more into cooking, recipes for delicious treats and foods will come your way via her. Making potions and lotions, tinctures and teas for health and healing are in her purview. Incense recipes for magic and clearing of negative energy will be suddenly in your consciousness. She is the Goddess of Manifestation.

My gift from Her is my knot magic, my healing shawls, which I have been making for people for over 20 years. Each is filled with invocations for health, prayers to the Goddess, tears and smiles, good vibrations with each stitch.

In a few months we will be presenting our first Cerridwen Book, a creation in co-operation with a number of students, and I am so very proud of what we have achieved together.

Cerridwen Book Cover

Mock up book cover – Painting by Alex La Malfa

Fire of the Nwyfre

Joy of our inner maiden, she discards her winter clothes and dances amongst the new blossoms coming forward. Removing the big outer coats, the restrictions, now we flirt with bare legs in the warm spring breeze. Cerridwen is calling forward that joy and exhilaration.

Life is speeding up now. One of the wonderful gifts our Goddess gives us is this unfolding and expansion, so we must honour that gift by living our full and joyous life.

Feel the sunfire run through your veins, let it warm every cell in your body, feel the fire renew you.


Bendithion Alban Eilir



Bee Helygen

Adoratrix of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Llwyth


Bee Helygen - Priestess of Cerridwen

Website: cerridwen.co.uk

Bee is the creatrix and course tutor for the Priestess of Cerridwen training which has been running as part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple since 2015. She also runs the Death Priestess training and is a celebrant and Avalon Soul Healer. Full bio

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